Max started a job at a car dealership. He sold 63 cars in April, 24 cars in May, and 76 cars in June. How many cars has Max sold so far?

163 cars


There are 21 pandas that were born last year and 16 pandas that were born this year. How many more pandas were born last year?

5 pandas


Peter is saving up to buy a toy dinosaur that costs $10. He has saved $6 so far. The next day, his uncle gives him $2. How much more money does Pete need to save?


There are 27 jeeps at the car dealership. 5 jeeps are sold on Monday and 2 more jeeps are sold on Tuesday. How many jeeps are left?

20 jeeps


There are 49 pandas in the forest on Monday. 16 more pandas join on Tuesday and 12 pandas leave on Wednesday. How many pandas are in the forest now?

53 pandas


Amber goes to the grocery store and buys pasta for $5, a can of sauce for $6, and soda for $4. How much money did Amber spend in total?


There are 37 Cadillacs and 92 Mercedes at the car dealership. How many fewer Cadillacs  do they have?

55 fewer


There are two Pandas at the zoo named Amy and Bob. Amy ate 141 pounds of bamboo and Bob ate 126 pounds of bamboo on Monday. How many fewer pounds of bamboo did Bob eat?

15 fewer pounds of bamboo


Nicolas has $20. He goes to the gas station and spends $15 on gas. He also buys a drink for $2. How much money does Nicolas have left?


The car dealership has a total of 234 cars. There are 76 Sedans and 91 sports cars. The rest are SUVs. How many are SUVs?

67 SUVs


An adult panda can eat 138 pounds of bamboo on Monday, 121 pounds of bamboo Tuesday, and 134 pounds of bamboo on Wednesday. How many pounds of bamboo did the panda eat in total?

393 pounds of bamboo


Jacob has $100 in his wallet. He spends $37 on a video game and $26 dollars on a lego set. How much money does Jacob have left?



Barret sold a total of 28 cars. He sold 17 cars on Monday and 5 cars on Tuesday. How many cars were sold on Wednesday?

6 cars


There are 87 pandas that near Charlie. 41 pandas are males. How many pandas are females?

46 pandas


Amy bought gifts for her younger sisters. She bought her youngest sister a dress that costs $45. She bought her other sister a game that costs $27. Now Amy has $4 left. How much money did Amy have at first?


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