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What's Hot in 2019?

This teacher is not only interested in airplane disasters, but she also aspires to be an airline pilot! 

Who is Ms. Overson


These two music moguls wrote a song together for their Response to Injustice project... and may very well one day co-produce a Grammy winning album. 

Who are Vado and Steven? 

Our overall theme for the year and the connecting thread between Literacy and Social Studies units. 

What is Survival-- Survive and Thrive? 


She not only taught you how to Respond to Injustice but also how to be an advocate for change, just like Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. 

Who is Ms. Sousa? 



Finish the lyric from this line: 

"Pop out..."

What is "It's your party"


He lived in Alaska, likes long bike rides, and loves spending time with his favorite Marvin. 

Who is Mr. Jensen


Don't let this "grumpy cat" fool you-- he's often earning top marks on his Literacy Interims. 

Who is Carlos? 


This historical fiction novel, focusing on the themes of power and corruption, is told as an allegory of life on a farm overtaken by the animals. 

What is Animal Farm? 


Rhymes with Larson, this tall guy helped you learn how to read and write in 5th grade. 

Who is Mr. Carson? 

Animated film in which Max and Duke visit the farm and meet Rooster which back in the city Snowball and Daisy save a baby white tiger from the Circus. 

What is the "Secret Life of Pets 2"? 


He may have been born in California but he's "flossed" all over the world. 

Who is Mr. Castro?


(captain of football team-- Emanuel and Justin)? 


These three hurricanes were discussed as part of our study of catastrophic storms and floods in Quarter 2 and were used as context for developing your own two-voice poems. 

What is Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Hurricane Harvey in Texas, and Hurricane Maria/ Jose in Puerto Rico? 


This #blessed lady always has a smile and a heart of gold... most of you love going to hang out with her but it's not necessarily good news if she has to come to class to get you. 

Who is Ms. Gonzalez? 


Four out of the five main characters from the Backyardigans, a popular animated show for preschoolers. 

"Who are Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha, and Austin?" 


 This special lady was there with most of you in your first year and helped all of you in your last year as you prepared for life after Alma.  

Who is Ms. Concepcion? 


Not only does he co-lead Town Hall, but he also won the Town Hall Battle of the Crews Dance Challenge! Maybe those long limbs help! 

Who is Alan? 


What happens during a cold front: 

"What is cool air temperature that replaces warm air temperature and a warm ground temperature?"


She's moved on up to be our current Dean of Scholar Support but many of you first knew her as Simmons Crew Leader in 7th grade. 

Who is Ms. Cabral? 


Two part question: Original Avenger who dies at the end of this popular film, the highest grossing movie from 2019. 

"Who is Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame"?


This dynamic duo is there to help you with all your small group needs-- during interim testing and in Literacy and Math classes. 

Who are Mr. Barrett and Ms. Carrington?


She's our graduation speaker, she's our fashion trendsetter, she's a model for us all in more ways than one, she's got style, she's got...

Who is Grace? 


The slope for this graph: 

What is 4?


We hardly see him but the hard work he puts in is all around us-- from clean sideways when it snows, to empty trash and recycling, to replaced light bulbs and working bathrooms. 

Who is Mr. V, or Mr. Veenstra?


Two part question: Popular rapper who designed this popular shoe that retails for over $300. 

Who is Kanye West and Yeezy's? 
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