Social Studies
Math 1
Math 2

Choose the correct word.

Billy picked the red ball at the store. He was upset when his little brother picked the red ball _______.

a. to

b. too

c. two

What is too.


Which of these is a nonliving thing?

 A. a mushroom

 B. a tree

 C. a worm

 D. river  

What is D. river?


The 19th amendment passed in August, 1920, gave who the right to vote?

Who are women?


A part of a line that has one endpoint and goes on infinitely in only one direction.

What is a ray?


True or False:
A line segment can be measured

What is true?

What is seal?


Someone dropped the soccer ball while standing on top of a steep hill. What will happen to it and why?

What is roll down the hill because of gravity?


Christopher Columbus most likely set out to discover the New World for what reason?  

What is to find a western sea route to China, India, and the fabled gold and spice islands of Asia?


Angles less than 90 degrees

What are acute angles?


A straight angle is how many degrees

What is 180 degrees?


Jayden pushed his glasses up on his nose. Then he crouched down so that he could look more closely at the insect.
Based on these sentences, how is Jayden probably feeling?  curious or helpless

What is curious?


Baking an apple pie is an example of a physical or chemical change?

What is chemical change?


What region of the United States are hurricanes  most likely to occur? 

Ⓐ West

Ⓑ Southwest 

Ⓒ Midwest 

Ⓓ Southeast 

What is the southeast?


The farmer needs 48 gallons of shavings for her chicken coop. He has 7 gallons of shavings. A store sells bags of shavings with 9 gallons in each bag. 

How many bags of shavings should the farmer buy?

4, 5, 6, or 7

What is 5?


3/4 + 2/3=

What is 

17/12 or 1 5/12?


Is this a simile or metaphor?

She ran like the wind. 

What is a simile?


True or False:

Water, wind, and ice can break down rock into loose pieces. This breakdown of rocks is called erosion.

False- It is called weathering.


What qualities do a person need to be a good citizen and help solve issues?

What are self-starter, leadership, persistency?

Citizens have civic responsibilities like obeying laws, being a good neighbor, and helping to solve problems.


Multiply 28 x 9

What is  252?


Isaac bought 13 large marbles and 5 bags of small marbles. How many marbles did Isaac buy in all?
18, 65, or Not enough information

What is not enough information?


Label the noun, verb, adjective, adverb and article adjective in the following sentence. 

The green toad croaked loudly. 

What is  the- article adjective?
What is  green- adjective?
What is  toad- subject noun?
What is  croaked- verb?
What is  loudly- adverb?


Does this passage describe the weather or the climate?
Explain your answer.

Where Britney lives, the wind often blows in from the nearby hills.

What is climate? Climate is the pattern of weather in a certain area. 


Describe the physical differences between the southeast and the southwest regions? Include type of land and waterways

What is "see below"?

Southeast: bayous, rivers, coastline, mountain ranges, farmland

Southwest: deserts, canyons, farmland


What do we call an angle that measures 360 degrees?

What is a full angle or complete rotation?


Daniel needed beef patties and veggie patties to make burgers at a party. He bought 28 beef patties. He bought 12 fewer veggie patties than beef patties. How many patties did Daniel buy in all?
a. Not enough information
b. 16 patties
c. 44 patties
d. 40 patties

What are c. 44 patties?

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