All About Lafayette Academy
All About Ms. Nickerson
In Ms. Nickerson's Class
All About Social Studies
LA Teacher Wild Card

The name of Lafayette Academy's principal, a man with a big personality. 

What is "Mr. Zager"?

Name two subjects that Ms. Nickerson has taught at Lafayette Academy.

What are : Social Studies, French Language Arts, Theater and French I?


Before we were wearing masks in school, Ms. Nickerson was known for noticing when students broke which school rule?

What is chewing gum?


According to the presentation, this is the first unit of your Social Studies Class.

601:  What is Geography (of the Eastern Hemisphere)

701:  What is First encounters with Native Americans and Early Colonial Development?

801: What is the Reconstruction of the Civil War?


If a student wins a Falcon card in their class, this is the person they will need to see on Friday after school to try to win a prize.

Who is Ms. Finkel?

These birds of prey are Lafayette Academy's mascot: 

What are the falcons?


These are the two subjects that Ms. Nickerson majored in when she was in college. 

What are French Literature and Theatre Arts?


Ms. Nickerson's favorite thing about distance learning was not having to carry around so much of this white material, used often in schools. 

What is paper?


Throughout your time in Social Studies you will learn how to write responses to DBQs, an acronym that stands for:

a) DataBase Quizzes

b) Document Based Questions

c) Developmental Basic Questions

What is B?

If a student loves to sing and wants to be in chorus (or maybe the musical), they should talk to this teacher. 

Who is Mr. McKanstry?

In order to get a locker for the year, students at Lafayette Academy must do this.  

What is "turn in all their beginning of year paperwork on time?"


These are the names of Ms. Nickerson's two cats.

What are Pumpkin and Sascha?


While she is a pretty understanding person, the following student behavior bothers Ms. Nickerson the most and often results in her giving a student detention:

a). Students out of uniform

b) Students talking excessively

c) Students continuing to do what Ms. Nickerson has asked them to stop doing, or changing their behavior only when they believe that Ms. Nickerson is looking.

What is C?


From the list below, this is the only topic not covered in 6th Grade Social Studies:


Prehistoric Man

The Mayan Civilization


Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece

World Religions

What is the Mayan Civilization?


If a student is having a conflict with someone else, this teacher is an important person to inform.

Who is Mr. West?


Before it was named Lafayette Academy, our school was known by what name?

What is M.S. 256 School of Academic and Athletic Excellence?


Ms. Nickerson comes from this state, known for its delicious dairy products. 

What is Wisconsin?

Ms. Nickerson has been known to teach her students a dance to which famous French disco song?  (The name of the singer will also be accepted)

What is Alexandrie, Alexandra by Claude François?


Students interested in learning about the Salem Witch Trials will get their chance in this grade:  

What is 7th Grade?


Anyone who wants to learn how to play volleyball should talk to this teacher.

Who is Ms. Fazekas?


Lafayette Academy is known for its French Dual Language Program.  Name two of the other languages spoken by Lafayette Academy teachers.  

What are Spanish, Hebrew, Turkish, Thai and Portuguese?


Ms. Nickerson studied at these three colleges, two of which are in New York City.

What are: the University of Minnesota, NYU and Hunter College?

Ms. Nickerson's call for attention (clap. clap. clap-clap-clap.   "Je pense, donc je suis.") uses a quote from this famous French philosopher.

Who is René Descartes?


In 8th Grade, students will study the period just after the Civil War (known as Reconstruction) until World War II.  Name three presidents they might discuss.

Who are:  Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, Uysses S. Grant, Rutherford Hayes, James Garfield, Chester Arthur, Grover Cleveland, Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt?

These two teachers teachers at Lafayette are chess champions.  

Who are Ms. Leboeuf and Ms. Turan?

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