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how do you scam villagers?

convert them into zombie villagers and convert them back over and over until it get down to 1 emerald for a mending book


when is caves and cliffs update part 1 coming out?

june 8 2021


when was minecraft made?

may 11 2009


how do you set you house on fire using minecraft?

place 72364526395629756956235492637452973465423578234546534265723645 pieces of TNT and ignite it. the explosion will be so big that your computer irl will instantly blow up and overheat to a very high temperature, if there's anything flammable around then your house might get set on fire, see you at the hospital.


when was Minecraft officially released

November 18, 2011


what is the arbalistic achievement and how do you get it

you kill 5 mobs with 1 single piercing 4 crossbow arrow


how do you get 14 billion years of time in the java edition demo?

you go into your demo world and press save and quit, then close minecraft. you press windows logo key + r, then type in %appdata% in the window, press enter, go to the folder called .minecraft then go to the folder called saves then go to the folder called demo world, there you should find a DAT file called level.dat then you will need a nbt editor, which is easy to find then you need to set the time to  -9223372036854655508 then click save, then replace the old level.dat file, then open Minecraft and its been done.

nbt editor: NBT Editor (irath96.github.io/webNBT


how can you get Minecraft for a few dollars cheaper?

go to a store and by a Minecraft account gift card, its a few dollars cheaper than on the website, but it is legal and it works.


can you farm end rods? if you can tell how to craft it

you built a chorus fruit farm and a blaze farm, then you smelt the chorus fruits in a furnace, then you put the chorus fruit and blaze rob in the crafting table to make end rods

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