Most of the world's people live in (A)the world's poorest countries. (B) the southern hemisphere. (C) the developed world. (D) China. (E) urban areas in the developed world.
(A)the world's poorest countries.
The cultural hearth of Christianity is in (A) New York (B) Rome (C) Israel (D) South Carolina (E) Turkey
(C) Israel
Which of the following is a landlocked country? (A) Peru (B) Germany (C) Myanmar (D) Afganistan (E) Columbia
(D) Afganistan
Firms try to locate their production facilities to (A) maximize spatial accessibility (B) maximize visibility and minimize transportation (C) maximize agglomeration (D) minimize costs and maximize profits (E) minimize competition
(D) minimize costs and maximize profits
_________is (are) widespread in semiarid climates throughout the world A. ranching B. tropical plantations C. dairying D. slash-and-burn agriculture E. rice paddies
A. ranching
Total Fertility rate is NOT closely correlated with which of the following? (A) Industrial output (B) Gender empowerment (C) Education (D) Economic Development (E) Literacy
(A) Industrial output
All evangelical religions are also (A) local religions. (B) universal religions. (C) animist religions. (D) ethnic religions. (E) polytheistic religions.
(B) universal religions.
The drawing of new voting districts is called (A) reapportionment (B) gerrymandering (C) reelection (D) redrawing (E) discretization
(A) reapportionment
Deindustrialization has had a dramatic impact on which of the following regions? (A) lower Mississippi Valley (B) Great Plains (C) Great Lakes (D) Pacific Northwest (E) Cotton Belt
(C) Great Lakes
Slash and burn agriculture is A. not sustainable B. practiced in high, mountainous regions C. typical for tropical forests D. a relatively new invention E. always completely sustainable
C. typical for tropical forests
Which of the following countries is at stage 2 of the DTM? (A) San Marino (B) Nigeria (C) Denmark (D) Russia (E) Finland
(B) Nigeria
Cutural traditions such as Christmas, are _____ since they borrow from the past and are continually reinvented in the present. (A) erratic (B) inauthentic (C) complex (D) syncretic (E) ecumenical
(D) syncretic
__________boundaries characterize much of Africa as they ignore cultural and tribal differences across space. (A) Superimposed (B) Subsequent (C) Colonial (D) Antecedent (E) Territorial
(A) Superimposed
The clustering of financial firms on Wall Street in NewYork is an example of (A) least-cost theory (B) agglomeration (C) deindustrialization (D) ancillary industry (E) central place theory
(B) agglomeration
According to von Thunen, the regional geography of agriculture is determined by A. land area B. rent C. urban marketing D. availability of material inputs E. climate
B. rent
Which of the following counries is most likely to be showing the lowest natural increase rate? (A) Afganistan (B) Liechtenstein (C) USA (D)Japan (E) Chile
(B) Liechtenstein
Acculturation is a common cause of (A) illiteracy (B) language extinction (C) assimilation (D) creolization (E) cultural diffusion
(B) language extinction
The________was based on control of land, markets, and political ideology, whereas the _______ is based on wealth and poverty. (A) east/west divide...north/south divide (B) domino theory...heartland theory (C) north/south divide...east/west divide (D) organic theory...rimland theory (E) core/periphery...east/west divide
(A) east/west divide...north/south divide
Niger's economy is mostly limited to (A) service industries (B) primary economic activities (C) export-processing activities (D) nonbasic industry (E) quaternary economic activities
(B) primary economic activities
The Green Revolution greatly increased crop production in some countries A. without adverse side effects B. as a replacement for deindustrialization C. with some adverse side effects D. by encouraging the cultivation of local crop varieties E. by introducing organic agricultural methods
C. with some adverse side effects
The Demographic accounting equation does NOT take into account _________when calculating a country's population. (A) the death rates (B) emigration (C) natural increase over time (D) instances when natural increase is negative (E) immigration
(C) natural increase over time
Throughout history, numerous colonial powers have argued that certain types of people, living in certain areas of the world, are less able to govern themselves because of the qualities they have developed due to their interactions with natural factors, such as climate. This is an example of (A) environmental determinism (B) cultural ecology (C) possibilism (D) ecumenism (E) positivism
(A) environmental determinism
When one country exerts political, economic, or social influence over another WITHOUT the aid of official government institutions, it is called (A) dominance (B) imperialism (C) colonialism (D) federalism (E) territorialism
(B) imperialism
Economic activities that increase and thereby benefit from agglomerations in paricular regions are called (A) tertiary activities (B) basic sector activities (C) quinary activities (D) footloose industries (E) ancillary activities
(E) ancillary activities
Soil specialists must work to overcome the negative effects of ________ associated with agricultural production. A. fertilization and salinization B. pesticides and fertilization C. salinization and topsoil loss D. topsoil loss and gentrification E. the Green Revolution and agribusiness
C. salinization and topsoil loss
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