New York City
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The name of this fast food restaurant is also a form of public transportation.
True or False? When the bell rings, you should pack your bookbag and get ready to leave.
False. Pack up only when you are dismissed by the teacher.
True or False? There are consequences for violating classroom rules.
True Students can choose between following the rules and accepting a consequence.

What is your homework for this week?

1.Sign and date the learning contract. 2.Have parents or guardians do the same. 3. Math binder.  4.Loose-leaf and graph paper.  5.Pens/Pencils with an erasers 6. Recommended: Calculator (7. Compass and straightedge) 


Tyrie threw the graphing calculator to the return pile at the end of class. Did he break any rules?

Yes, he could’ve broken the calculator, which he or his classmates will need again. So he didn’t respect others or the school property in his action.

She represents the goddess of freedom and was given as a gift from the French symbolizing US independence.
What is the Statue of Liberty.

You received permission to use the restroom during independent practice. What must you do before you leave the classroom?

Fill out the information of the bathroom log and take it with you.


Name at least three possible positive rewards.

Compliments, extra credit, positive participation points, student work displayed, positive call or note home, homework pass.


What should be in my math binder?

loose-leaf paper, class notes, handouts, homework, exams and quizzes, other work related to mathematics.


Alisha uses her cellphone to take pictures of the notes on the board instead of writing down the notes. Did she violate the rule?

Yes. Any electronic devices are not allowed in the classroom.

The current mayor of NYC.
Bill de Blasio.
If you want to use the bathroom, what sign should you use to signal the teacher ?
Have your fist in the air.
What are the consequences of using your cellphone in class?
1. Device will be taken away and parents will be informed. 2. Device will be given to Dean and parents will have to pick up.

Can you pass this class by showing up and being quiet?

No, but all you have to do is participate. Try, and you’ll pass the class.


Give one reason why you must raise your hand and wait your turn before speaking.


Our city’s nickname
The Big Apple
True or False? Are you allowed to use the bathroom during the Do Now? When are you allowed to use the bathroom?
False. You are not allowed to use the bathroom at the beginning and the end 10 minutes of the period. You are allowed to use the bathroom only during independent practice.
True or False? There are no negative consequences for following all the rules.
True. Following the rules and working hard result in POSITIVE consequences.

You are absent on the date of an exam or a quiz. What should you do when you return back to class.

1. Give the note to your teacher. 2. Talk to the teacher of your earliest convenient time to make up the exam or the quiz. 3. Ask for all the missing assignments.


Lena goes to the bathroom all the time. Her parents and the school nurse say she’s very healthy. She does not think it breaks any rules. Is she right?

No. She is not “ready to learn.”

How many subway lines are there in NYC?
23 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, A, C, E, B, D, F, M, G, J, Z, L, S, N, Q, R, W.

Name four supplies you will need for this class.

Math binder, loose-leaf paper, graph paper, sharpened pencils with erasers and a calculator  (compass and straightedge).

If a student is caught cheating during an exam, what occurs?
The exam paper will be taken away, the student will receive a zero and parents will be informed.

Name one thing you should do when you enter the class

1. Quietly find your assigned seat. 2. Prepare yourself and your space for work. 3. Take a worksheet 4. Begin the Do Now.


Name at least FIVE of our rules.

1. Come to class on time and be prepared to learn. 2. Raise your hand to speak. 3. Respect each other in words and actions. 4. No food in the classroom 5. No cellphone 6. No earphones 7. No chewing gum

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