Ashley & David
Famous Couples
Wedding Day
This event took place near the Mississippi River and St Thomas campus down by the paths & waterfall
What is David Proposed!
The term "honeymoon" is derived from an old Teutonic tradition where the bride and groom would drink this for one full moon cycle.
What is Honey
In 2004 she paused from singing for 55 hours to visit Las Vegas and marry her childhood friend, Jason Allen Alexander
Who is Britney Spears
This wedding reception tradition can get you a song with the bride or groom for a single George Washington
What is the Dollar Dance
You can literally have a fairy tale wedding here: even invite Cinderella!
What is Disney World
This will include a cruise to the Western Caribbean, with stops in Jamaica and Haiti
What is Ashley & David's Honeymoom
Every year 20,335,000 people take this popular honeymoon choice, despite the fact that 55 of them have sank since 1979
What is A Cruise
On June 30th, 2014 this couple's net worth surpassed $1 billion
Who are Jay-Z and Beyonce
According to Parade Magazine, "At Last" by Etta James is the most popular song for this wedding day activity
What is The First Dance
This honeymoon area sometimes includes a balcony, jacuzzi, heart shaped bed...
What is a honeymoon suite
Ashley says this is the best thing David has ever cooked for her: A: BBQ Ribs B: Frozen Pizza C: Yeah right he has never cooked for her!
What is C: Yeah right he has never cooked for her!
Despite having a population of 2.21 million, this popular honeymoon destination only has one stop sign. Oui!
What is Paris, France
This couple resides in Wisconsin, he has been known to wear exclusively John Deere inspired outfits while she has been seen dancing on tables at previous weddings
Who are Brad & Pam Wittig
The most expensive one of these ever made was made by Buddy Valastro for a frosty $30 million
What is a wedding cake
This blanco song was made popular by Billy Idol in 1982
What is "White Wedding"
This is where David officially asked Ashley to be his girlfriend - while the song "More Than Words" was playing
What is at prom
Surprise!! This is a "Catchphrase" round - 100 points for each of the words you can get Ashley to guess in 1 Minute!! All words are honeymoon related, and one or all of your team members can give clues!
Sunset Beach Champagne Holding Hands :) Suite Couple
This couple first appeared together in 1928, and stand only 2'3" tall.
Who are Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Grace Kelly displayed the most expensive one of these after dropping $35 million
What is Wedding Dress
In 2014 this was surprisingly the most popular flavor of wedding cake; it is also Ashley's favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry's
What is Red Velvet
This place is David and Ashley's favorite restaurant - and it is "more than legendary pizza"
What is Green Mill
This person actually planned Ashley & David's honeymoon
Who is David
This couple only has one beating heart between them, until the last movie that is. Cover your neck!
Who are Edward and Bella Cullen from Twilight
Traditionally this was used to ward off evil spirits... or hide the bride's actual look
What is the veil
Surprise!! This is a "Charades" round! You will get 100 points for each of the words on the list below that you can get Ashley to guess in one minute! All the actions are related to getting married. Any or all of your team members need to act out the words below!
Dress Kiss Walking Down The Aisle Throwing the Bouquet Proposing Flower Girl
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