Chapters 1 & 2
Chapters 3 - 5
Chapters 6-8 (Part 1)
Chapters 6 -8 (Part 2)
Tier 2 Vocabulary
The 3 bad or negative things Bud associates with being six.
What is being old enough for adults to beat you, having your teeth start falling out, and the death of his mother?
The clues about Bud's current age, the date of the poster, and how old he was when Momma brought the poster home indicates the year.
What is 1936?
How Bud got breakfast when he arrived at the mission after the attendant closed the line
What is a couple in line pretended that Bud was one of their children and that he had left the line just long enough to use the bathroom
How Bugs outwits Bud when they're going to flip a coin and he says "Heads I win, tails you lose"
What is there is no way that Bud can win because Bugs has claimed both heads and tails as winners for himself
In chapter 8, "ride the rails" means
What is jumping onto and riding trains without paying to get to another destination
The message Bud believes is hidden in the Dusky Devastators of the Depression poster.
What is his belief that his father's identity is hidden in the poster?
How Bud's friend Bugs got his nickname
What is Bug's had to have a cockroach removed from his ear and got his nickname from that experience
The most serious mistake you can make in the library according to Bud
What is to fall asleep and drool in the books, making the pages stick together
The reason every cardboard jungle during that time is called "Hooverville"
What is they are named after President Herbert Hoover and many people blamed him for the Great Depression
In chapter 5, "on the lam" means
What is running away to avoid punishment
How Bud feels when he says of Mrs. Amos, "In her eyes Todd's mouth was a prayer book."
What does Bud say to demonstrate his belief that Mrs. Amos believes Todd just as she believes the scriptures? So, he can tell a lie and she will still believe him.
How Bud turns Todd's lie around to punish him
What is Bud takes Todd's lie that Bud is a bed-wetter and turns Todd into a bed-wetter by pouring warm water on him as he is sleeping
How the lady in the library broke Rule Number 16
What is she started a sentence with the words, "Haven't you heard?"
The reason Bud is sure he'll remember Deza Malone
What is Deza is the first girl that Bud kisses
In chapter 6, 'mission' means
What is a charitable organization doing work to improve the life of the needy; a soup kitchen
The reason Bud strikes Todd
What is because Todd shoved a pencil up Bud's nose while Bud was trying to sleep?
The reason Bud doesn't let people call him Buddy
What is because Bud's mother told him not to let people call him Buddy because Buddy is a dog's name and because a bud is "a little fist of love waiting to unfold"
How Bud and Bugs became brothers
What is they spat into their hands and slapped their hands together
The reason Bugs comes to the library in search of Bud
What is Bugs is planning to "ride the rails" and wants to invite Bud to go with him
In chapter 2, 'coldcocked' means
What is hit so hard the victim passes out
The reason Bud begs for another chance with the Amoses when he really doesn't want to stay with them at all.
What is Bud begs for another chance because he wanted to avoid having his valuables taken away, so he pretended that the Amoses would be punishing him by sending him away? He didn't want them to find out what really mattered to him.
The saying of Momma's that makes Bud worry about ghosts
What is "when one door closes, another door opens"
a description of Hooverville
What is a bunch of huts and shacks thrown together out of pieces of boxes, wood, and cloth - a "cardboard jungle"
The reason Bud and Bug's plan to "ride the rails" fails
What is Bugs boards the train, but Bud isn't fast enough and gets left behind
In chapter 7, 'gait' means
What is a manner of moving; a way of walking
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