Chapters 9 - 11
Chapters 12 - 14
Chapters 15 - 17
Chapters 18 & 19
Bud's destination and reason for traveling from Flint, Michigan
What is Grand Rapids, Michigan to try to find his father
The reason the police stop Mr. Lewis
What is the police say they are looking for "those stinking labor organizers" that "might be sneaking up here from Detroit"
the reason Mr. Calloway's house is called "Grand Calloway Station"
What is it's called Grand Calloway Station after New York City's Grand Central Station because both have people coming and going at all times
the 2 reasons Mr. Calloway always keeps 1 white musician in his band
What is (1) because in his area, it's illegal for blacks to own property, so the property is listed in the white player's name, and (2) because the white player is sent to set up playing engagements with the white community so that the band gets hired before the contacts know it is a black band
In chapter 16, "Godsend" means
What is something or someone that comes unexpectedly, but is as welcome as a gift from God
The reason Bud likes Civil War books
What is because he likes the gory pictures
The reason Mr. Lewis is involved in a labor union for the Pullman porters
What is Mr. Lewis is working to fair wages and working conditions for the Pullman porters
The word Miss Thomas uses when talking about the bedroom that makes Bud think it may be haunted
What is she tells him that the girl whose clothes and toys are in the room is "gone" and Bud believes "gone" means dead
the collection and connection Bud and Mr. Calloway share
What is Mr. Calloway collects rocks from each of his engagements and writes the date and place on each rock to give to his daughter; Bud's mother also had a collection of rocks. Mr. Calloway realizes that the rocks that Bud has are part of his daughter's collection and that Bud is his grandson
In chapter 16, "copacetic" means
What is agreeable or satisfactory
The idea that started growing in Bud's mind when Billie Burns told Bud that he didn't know who his daddy was
What is Bud began claiming and believing that Herman E. Calloway was his father
The reason Bud is convinced Mr. Calloway must be his father after he overhears Mr. Calloway in a conversation at the Log Cabin
What is Bud hears Mr. Calloway describing a boxing bout when he realized he was losing and thought that it just didn't "make any sense to keep on doing it'; This reminded him of himself and his experience with Todd Amos when he thought that it just made no sense to keep fighting. He believes he and Mr. Calloway think alike because they are father and son.
the 3 reasons the band gives Bud the stage name Sleepy LaBone
What is he is called Sleepy LaBone because he is able to sleep until after noon, the prefix La is French and sounds classy, and Bone because he's as skinny as a bone
the reason Momma ran away from home
What is Bud's mother ran away from home because her father was very strict with her and he wanted her to go to college and become a school teacher, which was not part of her dreams for herself; She ran away with a drummer and he never heard from her again
In chapter 11, 'trousers' mean
What are pants
Bud's description of the look Mrs. Sleet's son gives him and it's meaning
What is Bud says, "it was just a look like one dog gives another dog that might be passing through the neighborhood"; It means it's a look like he doesn't belong and that a fight might ensue
The advice Doug the Thug gives Bud and Bud's thoughts about the advice
What is Doug the Thug advises Bud to show Mr. Calloway some affection, but Bud thinks Mr. Calloway would prefer to "get bit in the behind by a snaggletooth mule" and decides to ignore his advice
the way Bud turns his cleaning experience into pleasure
What is Bud imagines himself as a character in a book his mother used to read to him
the gift the band gives Bud
What is an alto saxophone
In chapter 10, 'ventriloquist' means
What is an entertainer who has conversations with dummies or puppets by disguising their own speech so that it seems to come from the dummies
How table manners are different at Mrs. Sleet's home from at the Home
What is at Mrs. Sleet's home everyone talks throughout the meal, but at the Home everyone is expected to be quiet while they eat
the meaning of Bud's saying, "my eyes don't cry no more"
What is Bud believes he has cried so much in the past that his eyes just won't cry anymore
the reason Bud describes Miss Thomas' singing and Steady Eddie's response with the saxophone a "conversation"
What is they seem to be talking to one another through their singing and music playing
the new doors that were open to Bud
What is Bud has a family and he knows he'll become a good saxophone player
In chapter 12, "Golden Gloves" means
What is a boxing championship
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