Cell Parts
Cell Stucture
Meet your Cell Function
Cell History, Theory, and Characteristics of Life
Cell Types
The part of a Eukaryotic cell that contains the DNA or chromosomes.
What is nucleus
The cell membrane is composed of these macromolecules and arranged in a certain fashion.
What are lipids and lipid bilayer. (phospholipid bilayer is even better)
Hey there! I am the part of many types of eukaryotic cells responsible for converting the sun's energy into chemical energy used by both myself and those nasty consumers.
I am a chloroplast!
Name two parts of cell theory.
What is 1) all living things are made of cells 2)cells arise only from prexisting cells (it takes a cell to make a cell) 3) Cells are the basic unit of structure and function in all living things.
Simplest cell type that has free-floating DNA.
What is prokaryotic
The part of a cell that surrounds the contents of the cell and separates it from the environment.
What is cell or plasma membrane.
Ribosomes are made of this macromolecule.
What are proteins.
Hey good looking! We are those little sassy things in cells that you can find nearly everywhere making proteins...yeah, we may be little but we are pretty much a big deal.
Meet the ribosomes!
The invention of this thing led to the observation that all living things are made of cells.
What is the microscope.
Cell type that contains organelles...
What are Eukaryotic cells
The part of a cell that "digests" or breaks down molecules and even bacteria.
What is Lysosome
Tiny organelles that have their own DNA, multiply on their own in the cell depending on the demand, and are in charge of cellular respiration.
What are mitochondria.
If you're looking to shake your booty out on the dance floor you might need something to shake! That's where I come in - I am the part of the cell that makes lipids and even hormones!
Meet the smooooooth Endoplasmic Reticulum!
The term that means "maintains a stable internal environment".
What is homeostasis.
All multicellular organisms are made of this cell type.
What is Eukaryotic.
The part of a cell composed of folded membranes and dotted with ribosomes.
What is Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
The structure that separates the contents of a cells nucleus from the cytoplasm.
What is the nuclear membrane.
Beep beep...you ordered a limo? I'll take you where you need to go in my sweet ride! I am the part of the cell that picks up molecules, takes them shopping and gets them all decked out for their specific date, and then ships them off to their functional destination...
Meet the Golgi apparatus.
Which of the 6 characteristics of life does a dead cat meet?
All living things are made of cells.
Single celled Eukaryotic organisms are called these.
What are protists.
Molecules are allowed in and out of cells via these macromolecules embedded in the cell membrane.
What are Protein Channels.
The cell or plasma membrane is composed of these molecules (be very specific here) & the reason for their arrangement.
What are phospholipids & bilayer due to non-polar / hydrophobic ends of each molecule lining up foot-to-foot.
"Get out of here creep!" "I'll take care of this..." This molecule takes chivalry to the next level keeping the dance floor clear from those that don't get the hint - and always able to break it on down...
Meet the Lysosome.
The person who invented the first microscope and considered "the father of the microscope"?
Anton van Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723)
Name the four catagories of Eukaryotic organisms
What are plants, animals, fungus, and protists.
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