Notorious Wins
Close and Personal
Name the field Rep
This field sales rep was a Soccer star, playing for his region at a national level.
Who is Santu Chakravorty? Manager of Inside Sales team

Sales team members that cover the largest geographical area and most time zones.
What is the Canadian team?
(Ed Lau, Ameet Naik & Varun Chakravathy)

This deal took 2 years to close. Carefully hand held by Ameet Naik for months until we received the technical nod. This became the first Cloud Discovery $$$ale.
What is Bell Canada?

This member of the sales team is a talented musician. During downtime, plays the guitar in a Rock band.
Who is Richard Verrico? - SE New York.

This Field Sales Rep has not lost a POC to a competitor. Has been instrumental in key complex opportunities like Fidelity, Care First and CVS.
Who is Mahesh Rachakonda? SE for Mid Atlantic.

This field rep was a top collegiate golfer. A scratch golfer to this day. You will not beat this golfer if you go out together on the course.
Who is Jennifer Harvey? Regional Sales Manager, Mid Atlantic

Manages the smallest geographical region in North America, but one with the biggest potential. Morgan Stanley is on the list of accounts within his region. Has added the most net new CSB opportunities to the pipeline.
Who is Cary Miskoff? Regional Sales Director New York L-Z.
This key multiyear win worth $999,999 re-opened the doors to our relationship with Box. The Box reps are engaging with our field team to replicate this win at other prospects.
What is Raymond James?

This sales rep is a talented artist, having received awards for paintings and illustrations.
Who is Jenny Duong? Inside Sales Rep, New England region.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to be on the sales team, but this member of the sales organization happens to have a degree in Rocket Science from MIT.
Who is Bill Lai? Director of Sales Operations.

This member of the sales team has completed four "Tough Mudder" runs. The 10-12 mile of mud and obstacles course is built to test mental grit and all around physical fitness. The run is made up of 20 obstacles, including the ElectroShock Therapy and Arctic Plunge obstacles.
Who is Anh Nguyen? Inside Sales Rep, Mid Atlantic Region.

As long as the skies are clear and the plane is ready, getting to a meeting is not an issue. This member of the sales team flies from meeting to meeting.
Who is Glenn Cobb? VP, North America SE team.
This customer is the largest health care insurer in the Mid Atlantic. A key Health Care win for Cipher Cloud and our first Monitoring Product win. A flawlessly executed POC by Mahesh Rachakonda opened the door for the CC team to swoop this customer from our competitors.
What is Care First?

An avid boater that lives by the sea, this Sales team member's nick name is "Salty".
Who is John Saltmarsh? Regional Sales Director, New England.

These two sales reps have recently adopted names that are only made up of two letters.
Who are Su (Suchitra) and AB (Abdul)? Inside Sales Reps.

As member of a wilderness adventure club, you can always count on hearing many stories about this sales rep's fun filled weekends.
Who is Prashanth Akkala, Inside Sales Rep - West.

This member of the sales team speaks four languages. Born in South America, and a legal citizen of three different countries.
Who is Ed Lau? Regional Sales Director, Canada and Central
A valued customer that continues to challenge and reward CC with more wins. Recently signed off on a "kill three birds with one stone" deal. Masterfully planned and managed by Ed Snyder where three different business units came together to purchase pilots under one deal.
What is Goldman Sachs?

This member of the sales team is also a trained nurse.
Who is Charles Kim? Sales Engineer, West
This sales rep's persistence led the team to recently re-engage with UPS, which could potentially be a huge opportunity for the region.
Who is Isabel Dos Santos, Inside Sales Rep, South East.

Prior to joining the crazy world of High Tech sales, this field rep was a professional baseball player with the Miami Marlins.
Who is Scott Dierks? Regional Sales Director for the West.

The smallest, yet largest region in North America.
What is the New York region?

First deal in the history of the company where the customer purchased CipherCloud before inking a deal with the Cloud provider. This was a great multi-year win worth 2M+.
What is CVS?

A member of the sales organization that used to be a singer in a Rock band.
Who is Kevin Ashley? Inside Sales Rep, New York A-K.

This sales rep has Goldman Sachs in his region - A much valued customer, but also a challenging and complex one - within months of taking over the account, opportunities with 4 different business units of Goldman Sachs have been uncovered.
Who is Ed Snyder? Regionals Sales Director, New York A - K.

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