Once upon a Pathogen
System of Immunity
When the clock strikes X
Disease causing agents that have ability to make you sick or even cause death.
What are Pathogens.
Your lungs feel constantly inflamed, you have a fever, and you start coughing up blood- the pathogen you most likely have.
What is Tuberculosis.
When you first get a cut - this is the response that will happen.
What is inflammatory. Mook BUCK follow up: What is the condition called when pathogens get into your body and start to multiply and win?
True or False? A direct contact situtational contaminational event would include someone sneezing all over your face.
What is not at all True.
This viral disease was declared "wiped out" or "eradicated" in the United States in the year 2000 - due to years of successfully vaccinating children.
What is Measles.
Lymphocytes - like what are they?
Specialized white blood cells formed in the lymph nodes: Natural Killer Cells, T-cells, and B-cells. I will take cells made by lymph nodes.
Only one of the following would technically be considered a "pathogen"... A. Bacteria that lives in your large intestine helping you digest food. B. Bacteria that lives on your gums forming plaque. C. Bacteria that lives on your skin causing a Staph infection when you get a cut.
What is C. Bacteria that lives on your skin causing a Staph infection when you get a cut.
Respiratory infections are most COMMONLY caused by these two viral pathogens.
What is COLD and FLU (influenza).
An acquired immunity you give to yourself by exposing purposefully yourself to a dead or weakened form of a pathogen.
What is vaccination or vaccine.
Daily Double!!!
What is blood Proteins that fight disease.
The invention of the __________________ led to people understanding that illness was not caused by ____________.
What is "microscope" - "evil spirits - bad juju - Christian Mendez"
This type viral pathogen is commonly transmitted by indirect contact via needles.
What is Hepatitis C. MOOK Buck Follow-Up: True or False There is a vaccine for Hep B - but not one Hep and Hep C.
A type of white blood cell that is large and responsible for engulfing and digesting foreign particles, cellular debris, and waste. Part of inflammatory response (non-specific defense) but can call in reinforcements ala Specific Defense if things are getting weird.
What is Macrophage.
You're out camping with some friends and you get thirsty while hiking. You grab your water bottle...uh oh...no mas. You pass a stream that has clear running water - "BINGO!" you cry. Quickly you drink a bunch of it up. The next morning - you have what old timers commonly refer to as "the skitters". The specific pathogen have you most likely contracted and what type of pathogen is this
What is Giardia and what is Protist(a)
Candidiasis is this type of pathogen, and is commonly referred to as a _________ _______________.
What is fungal; what is yeast infection.
Memory T-cells coordinate with B-cells to remember and attack this specific "part" of an invader.
What is Antigen.
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