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The prophet Joseph and his brother Hyrum were killed in this jail.

What is Carthage Jail?


These people stand as watchmen on the tower, warning us of oncoming dangers.

What are prophets?


This personage has a body of flesh and bone.

Who is Heavenly Father?


The early Saints were kicked out of this state, following an extermination order issued by the governor.

What is Missouri?


These funds are used to build temples and accomplish the work of the Lord.

What is tithing?


Joseph was falsely imprisoned in this jail when he received the revelation teaching that our trials can give us experience and be for our good. They are just a small moment.

What is Liberty Jail?

You need to receive and be valiant in your testimony of this person to receive exaltation in the celestial kingdom.

Who is Jesus Christ?


According to D&C 121, this power can only be used when the person using it lives righteously.

What is the power of the Priesthood?

This Temple sits on the bluffs above the Mississippi River. 

What is Nauvoo?


All little children who die before they reach the age of accountability will go to this kingdom.

What is the Celestial Kingdom?


This declaration pronounced that all worthy male church members may receive the priesthood and enjoy temple blessings.

What is Official Declaration 2?


This person succeeded Joseph Smith after Joseph died. This person became the second president of the church.

Who is Brigham Young?


People who obey this principle (found in D&C 89) will "receive wisdom and great treasures of knowledge."

What is the Word of Wisdom?


Over 5000 people were endowed in this temple before being forced to leave the city.

What is the Nauvoo Temple?


This organization was created under the divine direction of Joseph Smith to assist in the work of salvation.

What is Relief Society?


This practice is only okay when authorized by the Lord through the priesthood keys given to the prophet. Declaration #1 announced the end of this practice in modern day.

What is polygamy?


If you have sinned and need help, you can talk to this person and this person will help you receive forgiveness and regain peace of mind.

Who is the branch president/bishop?


A man and woman will receive eternal life and glory if they keep this promise made in the temple.

What is the new and everlasting covenant?


When crossing the plains, church headquarters were temporarily established in this Nebraska city as the Saints struggled against cold weather, blizzards, and poor nutrition.

What is Winter Quarters?


This person steps in to lead the church when the current prophet dies. 

Who is the senior apostle?


This terrible tragedy occurred in Utah in 1857 because individual local leaders chose to not follow the prophet or the doctrine of Christ. It resulted in the death of 100+ innocent people (not members of the church) passing through on their way to California. 

What is the Mountain Meadow Massacre?


These people visited Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery in the Kirtland Temple to restore priesthood keys.

Who are Moses, Elias, and Elijah?


Because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, these people will receive a place in a kingdom of glory according to the law they obeyed.

Who are all of God's children?

(except sons of perdition)


This small settlement saw tragedy as church members were attacked and killed mercilessly, including young children. This was also the place of a miraculous faith-filled healing of a little boy's hip.

What is Haun's Mill?


To receive this is to receive spiritual power and knowledge.

What is the endowment?

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