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Wild Card

I'm like a bird I'll only fly away, I don't know where my soul is

What is a simile?


Francine's beauty was counteracted by her sloth

What is laziness


When an author is informing, entertaining, or persuading the reader.

What is purpose?


an object, person, situation, event, or action that represents something else.

What is a Symbol/Symbolism?


The number of wood thrushes is declining, or going down. A main cause of this decline is habitat loss. The wood thrush is losing habitat in two places—the United States and Central America. In the United States, forests are being turned into shopping centers, developments, and factories. As a result, the wood thrush has fewer places to build nests and raise young. In Central America, tropical rain forests are being cut down to make room for farms. This means that migrating wood thrushes have trouble finding territory for the winter months.

What is Cause and Effect?

The feeling created by a piece of literature. Ex. Joyful, Mournful
What is mood?

You are the thunder and I am the lightning

What is a metaphor?


Jason's profligate spending on expensive clothes, liquor, and wild parties pushed his wife to cancel all of their credit cards.

What is recklessly extravagant -- bonus points for adding immoral

The act of coming to a conclusion based on facts or making and educated guess.

What is inferring?


The way a poem is divided

What is a stanza?


Hurricane Katrina began as Tropical Depression Twelve over the southeastern Bahamas on August 23, 2005. The depression later strengthened into a tropical storm on the morning of August 24, where the storm was also named Katrina. Katrina continued to move into Florida, and became a Category 1 hurricane only two hours before it made landfall around Hallandale Beach on the morning of August 25. The storm weakened over land, but became a hurricane again while entering the Gulf of Mexico.

What is chronological?

The author/speaker's attitude toward the subject.
What is tone?

The trees whispered in the breeze.

What is personification?


My mother did not espouse living together before marriage,

What is to support or advocate for?


The moral or lesson that the story is trying to teach/convey.

What is theme?


A reference to a person, place, or another work of literature.

What is an allusion?


Education in our society serves many purposes, but there are three main functions. First, students learn skills that will help prepare them for society. Writing, reading, and mathematics are essential in today’s workplace and many people learn these skills in school. Second, schools serve communities. Whether by functioning as polling locations during elections, or providing safe havens for students in temporary living situations, public schools add value to communities. Third, public schools provide a structured environment for children to engage in productive activities during many days of the year while their adult caretakers may be working. In other words, public schools also provide day care. These are three of the primary reasons why we have schools in our society.

What is sequence/sequential?


What part of the argument is this?

It is not just for teens to be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole

What is a claim?


We shall not flag, we shall not fail, we shall prevail

What is anaphora


The criminal was forced to capitulate as soon as the police showed up

What is to surrender, cave in to pressure, or collapse

Compare and contrast, cause and effect, etc.

What is text structure?

The repetition of consonant sounds in words that are close to one another. broken baby bottle
What is alliteration?

The Revolutionary War was a time of great division. Americans were split into two groups: Patriots and Loyalists. Patriots were Americans who supported the struggle for independence. They believed that Americans should be free from the control of an English king. They fought against the English to establish a new government in America. Loyalists were Americans who remained loyal to the crown. Some of them were happy under English rule. Others believed that they might be rewarded after the Americans lost the war. Though both Patriots and Loyalists lived in America, a deep division ran between them.

What is Compare and Contrast?


What part of the argument is this? Yes, obesity in children is a major epidemic; however, some teens take exercise to the extreme and it may progress into an obsession.

What is an concession and refutation?


Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles, if I could just see you tonight.

What is a hyperbole?


He admonished those on his staff for their chronic lateness

What is to warn or scold?


The positive or negative feelings/emotions that are associated with a word.

What is connotation?

Two consecutive lines of poetry that rhyme.
What are couplets?

Freezer burn may have wasted more ice-cream than sidewalks. If you don’t know, freezer burn is when ice crystals form on the surface of ice-cream. These ice crystals can ruin the texture and flavor of the ice cream. But you can prevent freezer burn. Since freezer burn is caused when melted ice-cream is refrozen, rather than eating your ice-cream from the container as it melts, scoop your ice-cream into a bowl and put the container back in the fridge immediately. Doing this ought to help you with your freezer burn issues.

What is Problem-Solution?

A brief and sometimes witty story that focuses on a single interesting event, often in order to make a point or teach a moral lesson.
What is an anecdote?
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