Main idea for every book

Maria and her husband went shopping. They stoped at a store as big as a house. The store has 64 stores in it . And it has 39 restaurants like apple bees. What is the most important detail in the story

The most important detail from the story is the store has 64 stores in it


Kay Kay had 29 pickles she gave away 17 pickles. How many pickles does kay kay have now.



Emily has 39 blocks. She builds up to 29 blocks. She stops. In the morning she build 10 more blocks she stop. Her house looked red. And the kitchen had a blue yellow and red colors. What is the important detail in this story

Her house looked red. and the kitchen had blue yellow and red colors.


A boy named John went to work. There was no one there.his job was as big as a mansion and it was gold inside. He had to work alone. But the electricity was gone. What is the detail in the story

“His job was as big as a mansion and it was gold inside.”


I A scientist called Jenna build a rocket ship to fly all the way across to the moon. the moon had a face on it which you can’t see with just eyes. you need a camera or a telescope. Which sentence is detailed 

The moon had a face on it.


Dlo had some blocks she gave her sister 48 blocks now she was left with 40 so she didn’t know how much she started with so she asked her sister her sister said 88 oh thanks. What is the lesson learned 

Always count what you have first’

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