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In this year, Jacques Cartier embarked on a third voyage to the New World, one where he established a fort named Charlesbourg Royal.
What is 1540?
Giovanni da Verrazano hoped to find this when he sailed west from Europe for King Francis of France.
What is a northwest passage to Asia.
Samuel de Champlain became an ally of this group of Natives in the New World.
Who are the Algonquian?
It is believed Jacques Cartier reached this South American country in his explorations before being hired by King Francis to search for a northwest passage.
What is Brazil?
On his first voyage to the New World for King Henry, Champlain embarked with this many ships in his fleet.
What is three?
In this year, Samuel de Champlain crossed the Atlantic and started a French settlement at Ste. Croix Island.
What is 1604?
On his first voyage to the New World, Jacques Cartier arrived at this place off the east coast of Newfoundland.
Where is Cape Bonavista?
Samuel de Champlain fought against this group of Natives in the New World.
Who are the Iroquois, or Haudenosaunee?
Besides The Northwest Passage, King Francis hoped Cartier would find this in order to expand France's wealth.
What is gold?
On his second voyage to the New World, Champlain accompanied this man, who changed the course of their trip to the dismay of Champlain.
Who is du Monts?
In this year, King Francis sent Jacques Cartier on his first expedition of the New World for France.
What is 1534?
In his travels to the New World, Cartier was shown this large river by the Natives, which flowed westward farther into the continent.
What is the St. Lawrence River?
Jacques Cartier may have kidnapped these two Natives and relied on their guidance in his exploration of the New World.
Who are Domagaya and Taignoagny?
During his initial voyage, Cartier explored what he called Brion Island, today known as this.
What is Prince Edward Island?
After abandoning Ste. Croix Island, Champlain and his men built a new settlement at this site.
Where is Port Royal?
In this year, the French settlement of Habitation, run by Samuel de Champlain, first surrendered to the English.
What is 1628?
On his second voyage to the New World, Samuel de Champlain built a French settlement at this site, in present day Maine.
What is Ste. Croix Island?
Champlain made allies with the Natives in the hopes of further establishing this industry in the New World.
What is fur trading?
During his second voyage for King Francis, Cartier built a fort along the banks of the St. Lawrence River at this present day site.
What is Quebec City?
This English captain demanded the surrender of Champlain and his men at Habitation in 1628.
Who is David Kirk?
In this year, Samuel de Champlain was given the job of running all of New France.
What is 1612?
Champlain set up this colony along the St. Lawrence River. The colonists there faced many hardships, as only eight of the original colonists survived the first winter.
What is Habitation?
One famous battle for Champlain and his men against the Iroquois occurred near these two Great Lakes.
What are Lake Ontario and Lake Huron?
Cartier and his men had trouble surviving at the Charlesbourg Royal settlement for these three reasons.
What are disease, starvation, and attacks from Natives?
Champlain was a talented journalist and illustrator, which helped him create charts of the lands he explored called these.
What are maps?
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