Places / Locations
Feelings / Interpretation
The youngest child and the only daughter of the main family in the story.
Who is Kim Ha - the main character of Inside Out and Back Again?
"Two green thumbs that will grow into orange-yellow delights smelling of summer. Middle sweet between a mango and a pear. Soft as a yam gliding down after three easy, thrilling chews." (p.21). The author is describing what food?
What is papaya (the main character's favorite food)?
The city the main character was born and grew up in.
What is Saigon?
"I touch it, so real and long, not knowing if I will have another change to touch _____ fuzz. I pluck one hair." Meaning: looking or shining like the color of gold.
What is golden?

"South Vietnam no longer exists. One woman tries to throw herself overboard screaming that without a country she cannot live" (p. 85). What this woman is probably feeling.

What is hopeless, scared or afraid, sad, angry, etc.

The oldest brother of the main family of the story. He is twenty-one and he studies engineering.
Who is Brother Quang?
When the family is at sea, they receive these rations (pp.77-78).
What is one clump of rice, the size depending on the person's height, plus one cup of water.
The reason the mother of the main family chooses to go to America.
What is sending her kids to college?
"Sip, he [the commander] says, and don't waste strength moving around because it's impossible to predict how much longer we will be _______." Meaning: to rest or move on the surface of water (like a boat).
What is floating?
"A siren screams over Miss Xinh's voice in the middle of a lesson on smiley and bald President Ford. We all know it's bad news. School's now closed; everyone must go home a month too soon" (p.38). How the main character says she feels in this verse.
What is mad?
He is tall and pig-bellied. He wears a black cowboy hat, tan cowboy boots, and he smokes cigars.
Who is 'Our Cowboy'?
The main character draws these foods in her writing pad (p.81).
What is pouches of pan-fried shredded coconut, tamarind paste on banana leaf, steamed corn on the cob, rounds of fried dough, wedges of pineapple on a stick, and of course cubes of papaya tender and shiny.
The city the mother of the family wrote down first (before choosing to go to America) (p.106).
What is Paris?
"During the day the deck belongs to men and _____. At nightfall women make their way __" Meaning 1: another word for young people Meaning 2: the opposite of down
What are 'children' and 'up'?
"When not in class I have to stay within sight of Mother like a baby" (p.80). What could the main character be feeling here?
What is not happy about it, not free, babied, smothered, frustrated, etc.?
The best friend and relative of the Father of the main family.
Who is Uncle Son?
Brother Vu cooks cans of _____ and brings home a can of _____. (p.28).
What are beef and potatoes; what is fruit?
When the family arrives to the United States, they are sent to a 'tent city' in which state.
What is Florida?
"We wait and wait, but Mother says a possible ______, three boys, and a pouty girl make too huge a family by American standards" Meaning: a woman whose husband has died.
What is widow?
"We clap and clap as the ships draw together and kiss" (p.92). What is everyone on the bus probably feeling?
What is happy, relieved, not afraid, excited, etc?
He resigns from his job in the government. He is crying when he resigns and looks "sad and yellow".
Who is President Thieu?
Someone sends cases of this to Guam, and it makes the main character very happy.
What is fish sauce (nuoc mam)?
The island where the family lives before leaving for the United States.
What is Guam?
"We watch movies outdoors with images projected onto a white sheet. Brother Quang _______ into a microphone, his voice sad and slow" Meaning: to change from one language to another language
What is translates?

"By the time she [Mother] is done staring, blinking, wiping away tears, all without speaking English, our entire family has a sponsor in Alabama" (pp.109-110). How is Mother feeling? 

What is it is unknown, maybe happy and relieved, sad about losing her home country, overwhelmed, nervous, etc?

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