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Who has the most Super Bowl wins in NFL history A)Jaguars B)49ers C)Cowboys D)Steelers

Who has been on Theron's team the most? A) Arian Foster B)Antonio Brown C) DeAndre Hopkins D) Kyle Murray

Who is DeAndre Hopkins


How bad did the Broncos lose in superbowl 48?

A) Pretty Bad B) Ouch, that was bad C) Let's not talk about it D) Noo, Nooooo, Nooooooooo!!!!!

What is Noo, Nooooo, Nooooooooo!!!!!


Who is the consensus number one pick of fantasy football this year? A)Christian McCaffrey B) Derrick Henry C) Davin Cook D) Your Mom

Who is Christian McCaffrey


Which of the following is NOT a type of fantasy football league? A) Manager's League B) Salary Cap League C) Pick 'Em League D) Veni Vidi Whiskey

D) Veni Vidi Whiskey

What city and state is the Giants located in? A)East Rutherford, New Jersey B)East Rutherford, New York C)West Rutherford, New York D)West Rutherford, New Jersey
East Rutherford, New Jersey

Who is Akward Pun in our fantasy league? A)Carlos B) Aj C) Dalton D) Silas

Who is Aj 


From 1977 to 2007 What famous "MAN" Attended every single home game? He must have been cold ;)

A) Tim the "tool man" Taylor B) Bobby "The butcher" C) Tim "The barrel Man" McKernan D) Scott "The walking boombox" Stark

Who Was Tim "The barrel Man" McKernan


In 2015, Which Three RB's were taken first? A) Cj Anderson, Marshawn Lynch, Matt Forte. B) Adrian Peterson, Leveon Bell, Eddy Lacy C) DeMarco Murry, Jeremy Hill, LeSean McCoy

Who are Adrian Peterson, Leveon Bell, Eddy Lacy


What don't you do? A) Open that window B)Go chasing waterfalls C) Draft a quarterback in the first round D) Wanna miss a thang

B) Go chasing waterfalls


What team won the first ever Super Bowl? A)Green Bay Packers B)Kansas City Chiefs C) Oakland Raiders D) Pittsburgh Steelers 

Who are the Green Bay Packers


Who is Garebo's favorite Denver Broncos player of all time? A) John Elway B) Rod Smith C) Steve Atwater D) Jason Elam E) Bill Romanoski

Who is Rod Smith

When was the team Established? A) 1962 B) 1950 C) 1959 D) 1960

When was (LOL) 1960


Which Defense is slated to come off the board first?

A)Los Angeles Rams B) Baltimore Ravens C) Pittsburg Steelers D) Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Who was the VERY FIRST fantasy draft pick? A) John Elway B) George Blanda C) Monte Williams D) Bill Winkenbach

Who was George Blanda


How long is an official NFL football How long is an official NFL football field? A) 100 Yards B) 120 Yards C) 140 Yards D) None of the above

What is 120 Yards


When did Silas enter the "Eit's for fun" League? A) 1952 B) 2008 C) 2012 D) He never started, he always was in the league.

When was 2012


Elway orchestrated "The drive" in 1987 against which team? A) Buffalo Bills B) Cleveland Browns C) Miami Dolphins D) The Mighty Ducks

Who were The Cleveland Browns


Over the past 17 NFL seasons, 10 of the second overall picks (according to ADP) posted better fantasy seasons (using NFL standard fantasy scoring) than the players picked just before them with the first overall pick. 



True: Losing the draft lottery by one spot isn’t all that bad! 


In 8 different seasons from 1986-95 Who was the BEST fantasy football PLAYER? A)Jerry Rice B) Cris Carter C) Tim Brown D) Michael Irvin

Who was Jerry Rice :In eight different seasons from 1986-95, Jerry Rice finished as the best fantasy wide receiver and a top-five fantasy player at any position. No other player in the fantasy football era comes close to that success. In 1987, he was the first wide receiver to score more total fantasy points than a running back in any season. 

Which was the first NFL team to play in the championship in both the AFC and NFC? A)Raiders B)Seahawks C)Texans D)49ers

Who was the first memeber of "Eit's for fun" to win the league? A)Garebo B)Darius Rucker C) Brian D) Carlos

who is Brian...That's right punks!


Who was the first male cheerleader in Denver Broncos history? A) Robert Redford B)Bill Murray C)Robin Williams D) Tim Robins

Who was Robin Williams


Who had the BEST fantasy Football season EVER?

A) Arian Foster B)Antonio Brown C) LaDainian Tomlinson D) Larry Johnson

Who was LaDainian Tomlinson: With 2,323 yards from scrimmage, 31 rushing plus receiving touchdowns and two passing TDs in 2006, Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson scored the most fantasy points ever — 427. 


In 2019, Lamar Jackson became the second player in NFL history to be named as the unanimous MVP. Who was the first? A) Peyton Manning B) Aaron Rodgers C) Tom Brady D) Marshall Faulk

Who is Tom Brady

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