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Name the 3 main classroom expectations.

  1. Be responsible.

  1. Try your best.

  1. Show respect.


What is DBW?

Daily board work. Handouts will be picked up on the first day of the week and turned in at the end of the week. There will be a quiz over DBW skills from time to time.


Where can you find handouts and worksheets from the days you are absent?

The absent work file folders in the crate on the counter.


How should I get Mrs. Bartemus' attention?

Raise your hand. Do not call out.

During work time, you may get up and walk to Mrs. Bartemus.


How often will our class go to the library? Where else may you get a book to read?

Every 2 weeks. 

Mrs. Bartemus' classroom. If you would like to borrow a book, please fill out an index card at Mrs. Bartemus' desk.


What is the number one rule when a visitor, such as a sub or principal, is in the classroom?

Show them respect and do what is right!

Misbehaving for a sub results in a detention.


How much is taken off of your assignment grade for late work?

10% for each day. You have no more than 5 days to turn in late work.


Where do I look to find out what I should do if I finish my assignment before the end of class?

On the board, there is a "What next?" section.


Should you get up to sharpen a pencil or throw away trash while Mrs. Bartemus is in the middle of insruction?



How often will you take an Accelerated Reader quiz?

Every 3 weeks


What is the rule about cell phones?

Cell phones should be off and out of sight or you will receive an infraction.


How many days do you have to turn in absent work?

You get one day for each day you are absent to make up work. Assignments are posted daily on Canvas.


You should sharpen your pencil before class begins. Where can you find the pencil sharpener or extra pencils?

On the counter there are 2 electric pencil sharpeners and pencils for you to BORROW.


How do you know when it is time to begin packing up your materials for the end of class?

When Mrs. Bartemus instructs you to do so. 


How often will you complete a small project over one of your silent reading books?

Once a grading period.


What is the policy for drinks and food in the classroom?

Water bottles only filled with water are acceptable.

No food unless told otherwise.


Oh no!  Your binder is getting too full. Where can you keep notes, graded work, and other papers from previous units?

Student filing cabinet


There is a reward section on the board labeled 0:00. How many minutes should that time say in order for your class to receive a reward at the end of the grading period?

15:00 (15 minutes). 


How should you behave during a fire/ weather/ or other type of drill?

Stay calm. Stay quiet. Stay with this class.


How many pages must your silent reading book be?

At least 150 pages. You may read a graphic novel twice a year.


What are the consequences for tardies?

Hint - this is in the first paragraph of your outline.

A tardy is an infraction. You get one warning tardy.

3 tardies = infraction. If you need to leave the room to get something out of your locker (once we have them), that is considered a tardy.


What supplies should you have in Language Arts?

binder, pencil pouch (pencil, highlighter, sharpener, eraser, etc.), AR book, and anything else we are currently doing

Look around. Where in the room do you think you would go to turn in an assignment?

The white drawer tower at the front of the room.


When should you use the restroom and what do you need to do?

Try to go before class begins. If you need to go during class, wait until Mrs. Bartemus is not instructing. Get your pass signed and click on the. light on your way out the door.


May you take an AR quiz over a book you've already taken an AR quiz on before?

NO! Please check on AR to make sure you've never taken a quiz on that book in the past, even if you think you know for sure.

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