Spell's Disaster
This or That (but you're wrong)
What Plague's You?
Law and Disorder

Spell (#1) Or another word for colors that hide you well.



David and Hannah got stranded on a tiny uninhabited island. Hannah got a bright idea. Soon after, the plane picked them up in no time. Did Hannah light a fire to signal for help, or write a giant SOS in the sand?

A bonfire. It can be replenished with ease while a sand writing will eventually be washed away.


What famous radio broadcast from Orson Wells stated that the Earth was being invaded by aliens and war machines in 1938?

The Infamous "War of the Worlds" Broadcast


What is Jaundice? (Bonus points if you can tell me what causes jaundice).

Yellowing of the skin caused by failure of the liver to process red blood cells.


Can a crime against an LGBTQA member be considered a hate crime?

Yes, hate crimes can be based on any form of prejudice, not just race.


Spell (#2) another word for Cilantro



You are in a falling elevator. Should you lay on your back facing up, or press yourself against a wall, staying low to the floor?

Lay on your back. Being on your back disperses your weight distribution and reduces the chance of snapping bones from the impact. You're still pretty screwed if you fall from more than 6 stories, though.


Name 2 African Tribes

Maasai, Zulu, The Karo, The Himba, etc.


When something is Carcinogenic, what does that mean?

It has the potential to cause cancer.


When does a peaceful protest become an unlawful assembly?

When the purpose of the protest is to create violence and/or the general peace is in danger.


Spell (#3), or continuing without pause or interruption



Jonathan lacerates his leg on a mossy rock in the middle of a forest. He goes to treat it with his first aid kit. Does he pick out the moss particles with forceps and bandage the wound, or does he swab it with iodine and bandage the wound?

Iodine and bandage. His first priority should always be to stop the bleeding, and picking out moss could increase his blood loss without proper technique. He should close up the wound as soon as possible and get to a hospital where they can treat any infection that may have set in during his hike back to civilization.


What does Christ roughly translate to in Greek?

The Anointed One or The Messiah


What is ALS? (Can describe it or tell me what the acronym stands for).

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Degeneration of nerve cells in the body, which reduces nervous signals and leads to atrophy of muscles and loss of functionality.


What is the highest felony one can commit? (Think Federal Level)



Spell (#4), or the act of committing anti-religious deed.



You've been kidnapped and given a gun. You have 2 bullets. Your options are to shoot: Your mother, your sibling, the president, and/or yourself. What do you do?

Obviously shoot the President twice. Who likes politicians? If he was dumb enough to get kidnapped by some thugs, he kind of deserves it tbh. 

Where is the Burj Khalifa located?

(That REALLY tall tower in the middle of a city)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


What about the Black Plague killed people? (Can give me the symptom or the scientific name).

Yersinia pestis. The bodies immune system responses are cut off by Yersinia Pestis. Cells died slowly without any help from immune responses. It was sort of like a contagious auto-immune disease.


If you rob a store at gunpoint and your partner shoots a cop and kills him, what are you charged with?

Accomplice to murder. It carries the same penalties as murder in the book of law.

Spell (#5), an Ancient Mayan Serpent God



You are on a train with a malicious AI. The train is about to crash and it won't stop until you can stump the AI with a riddle. So far, it has been able to deduce all of your riddles. What should you tell it next?

Tell it a "riddle" with an answer that doesn't make sense. This riddle could be as simple as "Why did the chicken cross the road". You can stump an AI using riddles with answers that simply aren't logical. After all, what constitutes a "riddle" is subjective.


The ultimate goal of Buddhists is to reach Nirvana. What is the ultimate goal of Hindu's?

Moksha, breaking free from the cycle of rebirth on Earth.


What is Multiple Sclerosis?

The destruction of the protective covering of nerves by the immune system.


Can you still sue somebody for slander if you don't hold a position of power that can be tarnished by said slander?


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