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Internet Banalities

The numeric value of any position where whoever moves first loses.

What is 0?


Initially, Vlam Vlam suggested that the title of this song didn't have to be literal, and could instead be a metaphor for an "old-fashioned, clingy girlfriend".

What is Victorian Zipper?


This most recent Finals MVP capped off the six-game series with a career-defining 50-point game.

Who is Giannis Antetokounmpo?


During my livestreamed world record run for this game, viewers watching me on the camera feed might have called me "Mr. Baseball T."

What is Marble Blast?


The butterfly effect from this Twitter main character's refusal to help prep food for his kid eventually led to a podcast changing its theme song and the rejection of a potential Jeopardy! host.

Who is Bean Dad (John Roderick)?


Positions with only green branches have values such as *, *2, *3, which are all examples of these.

What are nimbers?

An unrecorded song called "Afro Galore" was going to be the fourth track on the Self-Titled album, before this one took its place.

What is Mary Jane?


After his Dallas Mavericks were eliminated from the playoffs, this player turned his attention to the Olympics, where he led Slovenia to a stunning fourth-place finish.

Who is Luka Doncic?


If this renowned Irish writer were a crow, he probably wouldn't have been a ladies' crow.

Who is Oscar Wilde?

"You're a pirate; you even stole my R.R.!" is a line from the Epic Rap Battle of History between these two famous figures.

Who are J.R.R. Tolkien and George R.R. Martin?


{ 0 | * } is the simplest form for this number, the value of a flower with a stem, a leaf, and a blue petal.

What is ↑?


During the blooper reel, Vlam Vlam shows off her impression of this former classmate of hers with a very breathy singing voice.

Who is Brynn?


More teams got to play in the post-season because of this, which was introduced for the first time this year.

What is the play-in tournament?


If you hear a horse's hooves clopping in one of this group's films, it's probably a myth, not pony.

What is Monty Python?


This Twitter gimmick account reached the peak of its Internet fame when its profile picture, taken from a stock website, appeared as a one-off joke in a hugely popular mathtube video.

What is @makeupaguy?


The number ω is introduced as the value of this Hackenbush position.

What is an infinite stack of blue branches?


Excluding the interlude, these are the three songs on Self-Titled which feature vocals from Geffurt.

What are Reginald Split-Ends, Chlorine, and Laser Tag?


This Denver Nuggets center won the regular season MVP for his unique offensive impact and passing ability.

Who is Nikola Jokic?


If I had to carry any textbooks to this location, I would need to heave industriously.

What is Dalhousie University?


To help get out the vote in the 2020 election, congresswomen AOC and Ilhan Omar joined popular Twitch streamers such as Northernlion and Hasan Piker on stream to play this deception-based video game.

What is Among Us?


A flower with a blue stem and infinite red petals has this value, which is less than all positive surreals, but greater than ↑!

What is over?


This song's verses are in regular 4/4 time, but its choruses are in triple meter.

What is Sammy Ate a Cracker?


In a heartbreaking double-overtime loss, this Portland Trail Blazer set the all-time record for highest "game score" (a simple aggregate statistic) in a post-season game, as well as the most three-pointers made (12).

Who is Damian Lillard?


When this challenger competes for a world title this November, he might greet his long-time rival with "Hi, ancient champion!"

Who is Ian Nepomniachtchi?


"Where are the Emperor's clothes?" was what Richard Dawkins infamously asked on Twitter about this well-known work of literature.

What is Metamorphosis?

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