Psychology & Scientific Inquiry
Methods and Barriers
Variables & Tools
Interpreting Data
When a hypothesis becomes accepted, and has not been disproven, it is referred to as this.
What is a Theory?
It is the barrier when AFTER the fact we feel we could have predicted something - and it is usually 20/20.
What is Hindsight Bias?
Technique for observing behaviors of groups in a controlled, not natural, environment - usually with their participation or knowledge.
What is Laboratory Observation?
The average of a group of data.
What is the Mean?

Wade Wilson is better known by this morbid name - as well as his red and black spandex suit.

Who is Deadpool?

"Psychology" is defined as the study of these two things.
What are "mind and behavior"?
The technique of studying one person or subject in depth to get as much information as possible.
What is a Case Study?
These are variables that MAY change an outcome but that are unintentional, uncontrollable, or not the purpose of the study.
What are Extraneous Variables?
It is the only tool of data interpretation that does not necessarily have to be a number.
What is the Mode?

On this day in 2006 Harry Whittington was shot while on a Quail Hunt by Dick Cheney, who was currently serving in this elected position. 

What is Vice-President?

In Psychology, "Mind" is defined as the way we do these three things.
What is "think, feel, and reason"?
One downside to this method is that, because it relies on self-reporting, subjects may not be honest.
What is the Survey Method?
A scatterplot results when you graph these two things.
What are Independent and Dependent Variables?
In order to find the median of a set of data, you must first do this.
What is "arrange them from greatest to smallest"?

Born on Feb 11, 1847 was this man, nicknamed the "Wizard of Menlo Park," because of his many inventions - which included storage batteries, the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and the electric light-bulb.

Who is Thomas Edison?

This step, in Scientific Inquiry, also involves more of Step #2.
What is Experimentation?
It is the generally accepted "best" method of choosing case subjects in Psychology and means every member of the population has an equal chance of being included.
What is Random Sampling?
If we were studying the effects of classroom temperature on Cadets sleeping in class, the time of day, who the Cadets are studied, and even the Class subject would be this type of variable.
What is a Control Variable?
Telling someone that they have been injected with "truth serum" to see if they become more honest, though instead just using saline, would be an example of this.
What is a placebo?

On this day in 1976 the funeral concluded for Mao Zedong, Communist Leader of China, took place in this capital city.

What is Beijing?


Though its experiments can often be difficult to reproduce (or illegal or unethical) Psychology is still considered a "Science" - specifically THIS type of Science.

What is Social Science?

While it may ironically be rare, intuition is also commonly described as this.
What is "common sense"?

Despite many false stories on Social Media, experiments have repeatedly shown that there is NO correlation between vaccinations and this psychological spectrum disorder.

What is autism?

Understanding the difference between correlation and causation is important, because otherwise a person might think that increasing global temperatures kill these types of people.
What are pirates?

On this day in 1962, the Soviet Union exchanged captured Francis Gary Powers, who had this job, for Rudolf Abel, a Soviet spy held by the United States. 

What is a U-2 Pilot?

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