Classroom rules
Classroom Procedures
Recess Procedures
School rules
Cooperative Groups
What do you do when you want to talk in class?
By raising you hand quietly until you are picked.

What do you do when you get in class?

You grab breakfast if you want it and quietly walk to your seat to do morning work. Stay at your desk unless you are sharpening your pencil or throwing away trash (NOT during announcements)


What do you when you walk to recess or lunch?

You walk in a quiet (level 0) and straight line.


When you come to school late like after 8:00, what do you do?

You need to go to the office to get a late slip.


How do you get your group to work together?

By taking turns talking and sharing.

What do you do to help other be a better student?
You encourage others by saying positive things. No put downs!

How do you ask for help in class?

You ask you partner and group- quietly, think 3 before me. If you still can't get the answer raise your hand quietly and wait.


When the bell ring during recess what do you do?

You must stop what you are doing and go to your classroom line outside.


Where should 3rd grade students play during recess?

Blacktop and either playground or field-whichever one is open that day


How many people is considered a group?

2 or more people. (Up to 5 at table group)


How do students respect other students properties?

By not touching them or destroying them. Since we use table bins as a team, we must treat all of our stuff we share with respect.


When can I use the bathroom?

During recess/lunch if you ask. You may go during class if a teacher is not in the middle of teaching and take a pass. If a pass is out, you must wait until both passes are back in the room.


What happens to you when you do not line up right away when recess is over?

You will have to practice next time and may not have as much recess time. 


How do students walk in the hallway?

Level 0, silently and walking feet all the way to wherever they are going.

What are the roles for each member?
Manager, Material person, Timer, Reporter, Recorder.
What kind of food can students have in class?
When can I sharpen my pencil?
Before school, during recess time or afterschool. You can also trade your pencil for another.
What do you do when the yard duty person blows the whistle?
You will walk quietly to you line and line up in ABC order.

How should you act during an assembly?

Listening ears and eyes, sitting criss cross with hands in your lap. Raise your hand if the speaker or you have a question at the appropriate time (usually end)

What does a good working group look like?

They are sharing, helping, and encouraging others and getting your work or project done.


How can you respect others?

By listening to them, taking turns sharing, and using appropriate language and gestures.


How do students line up?

Quietly push in chairs (usually called by table groups) and stand in a straight line.

How should you behave in the hallway to the cafeteria for lunch?

Level 0, silently. Using walking feet and eyes forward.


When can you go out of the class?

When the whole class is leaving or you have teacher permission and a pass (for the bathroom)


What kind of noise will working in group sound like?

Students talking quietly but not disrupting others.

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