Social Skills 1
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You are playing basketball and accidentally get hit by the ball in the stomach, what do you do?

It was an accident, tell them that it is okay, accidents happen.


What can you do if your friend is feeling sad?

You can listen to them, offer support, try to cheer them up


What flexible response could you have if you had your heart set on eating at your favorite restaurant tonight and your parent tells you they are too tired to go out?

You could show empathy, ask to go another day, offer to help, offer another solution, find out more information to show you care...


When you join groups, you should greet everyone and ask people how they're doing. True or false.

True. It makes people feel welcome into the group & it's nice to have conversation before groups begin.


You don't understand the work you are supposed to do.  Who can you ask for help?

Teacher, Parent, Friend


What might you feel if someone you are trying to talk to is ignoring you?

Sad, confused, frustrated, or upset


What can you do if your friend is mad at you for something you did to them?

Apologize, say sorry, and listen


What should you do if you are getting answers wrong during a group game and you're beginning to feel upset and disappointed?

Ask if you can take a break; take deep breaths; use encouraging self-talk in your head


True or False.  When someone says you did something wrong they are being mean.

False- most of the time when someone tells you that you have done something wrong they are only trying to help you (constructive criticism).  


Your friend is moving away and you feel really sad. What can you do?

You can make a plan to stay in contact over the phone, write letters, email, social media, and plan visits.


How might you feel if your best friend is talking about the really cool things that her mom just bought her?

Jealous or happy for her


People are making fun of your friend and you see them calling him names. What should you do?

Stand up for your friend and tell an adult if needed. Talk to your friend after and make sure they're ok.


What can you do if you are feeling frustrated?

Talk to your parents, counselor, teacher. Use one of your coping skills.


True or false, using eye contact, asking questions, answering questions, balancing how much you and your partner talk, and staying on topic are all good elements of having a conversation.  

True. Use proper eye contact. Ask/answer questions. Make sure you and your partner are talking about the same amount. Stay on topic. 


What would you say to someone whose grandparent died? 

I'm sorry to hear about your grandparent. 

Is there anything I can do?

I'm here for you. 


How might someone feel if they have done something wrong and they know it was wrong?



What can you do if you are stuck inside during COVID 19 and you are feeling sad and isolated from friends?

Ask to video chat with friends, ask to meet a friend outside, call a friend, play video games online with friends


A friend has said something that hurts your feelings. What can you do?

Tell them how you feel with a nice voice and explain why. Avoid yelling at them. Use "I" statements. 


True or false? You should never be sad at school. 

False. It's ok to feel feelings you are feeling. Ask to take a break, give yourself lot of positive self talk.

If you are feeling very sad and depressed and feel like harming yourself or others, you should talk to a counselor, teacher, or trusted adult. 


A friend asks you to do something you know is inappropriate/wrong.  What do you do?

Just say, "No, thanks."


True or False- you should never be angry.

False.  It is ok to feel any feeling you feel.  But how you express those feelings has to be appropriate.


When signing into a Zoom group, you should be ready, focused, and dressed.  True or False.  

True.  Make sure you have on appropriate clothing for school and are sitting in a chair away from other people and distractions.


What is the best way to deal with a group member that keeps talking over you?

Say, "Excuse me ____ but I was still speaking." Then continue with what you were saying before. 


True or false? When you are eating at a party, you should load up your plate with all the food you want in case they run out of your favorite food later. 

False. Be sure to take a little to make sure everyone has a chance to eat the food too. 


What are 2 things that we should do to respect other people if we are in the community during COVID-19?


1. Personal space (ideally 6 ft)

2. Wear a mask

3. Wash your hands or use sanizer

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