Feelings, thoughts and relaxation pt.1
Feelings, thoughts and relaxation pt. 2
Problem Solving and action

What is stress?

Stress is something that you feel when you are worried or uncomfortable about something.


Imani was supposed to go to the mall with her friends, but they canceled last

minute. How might she feel?

frustrated, angry, sad, upset, lonely


What are 3 relaxation exercises that we learned?

My Calm place, muscle relaxation, deep breathing, body scan, or drawing.


The first step to problem solving is to define the problem. Which is a better

defined problem: I can’t do my homework OR I am having trouble understanding the material in


I am having trouble understanding the material in class.


What are 2 reactions to a stressor or trauma?

thinking about the event all the time, wanting to not think or talk about it, avoiding places/people/things that make you think about it, feeling scared for no reason, feeling “crazy” or out of control, having trouble concentrating, being on guard to protect yourself, feeling like something bad is going to happen, jumping when there is a loud noise, feeling anger, shame, guilt, isolated, or sad; feeling bad about yourself


What are the three points on the triangle that are connected?

Thoughts-Feelings- Actions (T-F-A)


What are 2 different types of situations where it would be helpful to use a

relaxation exercise?

when feeling anxious, stuck, upset,


What are two actions you can take if you are feeling upset?

use problem solving steps or a relaxation exercise.


Give 2 examples of inside strengths and 2 examples of outside supports.

Inside strengths could include: patient, fun, smart, caring, thoughtful, sensitive, funny, sense of humor, good listener, loyal.

Outside supports could include: community organization, religious community member, trusted adult, trusted friend, religious community organization, school organization, sports team, or teacher.


Rima was really angry after she saw some racist discriminatory graffiti. Where might Rima be on the Feelings Thermometer, and what is one thing that Rima can do to make herself feel better?

Rima might be at anywhere from 3-10 on the Feelings Thermometer, and she can: use helpful thoughts, approach someone in the school to tell them about the graffiti, or other appropriate option.


Kwame tried to speak English for the first time in front of class, and he got really

nervous, and stumbled on his words. What are two helpful thoughts, or positive statements,

Kwame could say or think to himself?

‘It’s okay I’ll do better next time’ ‘Everyone gets nervous before speaking in front of the class, it’s okay that I stumbled on my words.’


Ana is upset because she has been playing really well during soccer practice,

but during the games, the coach doesn’t play her. What is one way Ana could solve the


Talk to the coach, try hard in practice, wait and see if you will get played.


What is the difference between a thought and a feeling?

  • Feeling is subjective whereas thinking is objective.
  • Feeling is emotional whereas thinking is rational.
  • Feeling is usually one word and thinking is usually a phrase 

Mohammad sees two people whispering about him in the hallway and

immediately feels upset. His first thought is that people must hate me. What are two alternative


they may not be whispering about me, they could be saying something harmless about me, they could be whispering mean things about me, but it’s okay if those students don’t like me; I have other friends.


Rasha’s parents are arguing at home all the time, and Rasha thinks it’s her

fault. What is ONE way Rasha can cope with the situation?

Tell herself it’s not her

fault- her parents arguing is between them, talk to another adult about how she is feeling, do a calming exercise (like pray).


Name five steps that you should take when problem solving

Define the problem, brainstorm possible solutions, identify the pros and cons of each solution, choose the best solution, and try out the solution and choose a new option if it doesn’t work.

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