Interactions with Indians and Slaves
Colonial Expansion
gold, religious freedom, new land, spread Christianity and adventure.
What is... Why people wanted to explore the new world?
the Chief/ Captain of the Jamestown Settlement. He was the reason they survived.
What is... Who is Captain John Smith?
the name of the ship the Pilgrims/ Separatist came over to the New World. (the one that actually made it over)
What is the Mayflower?
this person helped the settlement of Jamestown and built relations with her Indian tribe. She spoke good English and was part of the Powhatan Tribe.
What is... Who is Pocahontas?
Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.
What are the New England Colonies?
to find a route to Asia and in search of spices for meat.
What is... Why many explorers began to explore for new land?
gold, money, wealth, new land and freedom.
What is... Why the Jamestown settlers wanted to settle in the New World?
religious freedom
What is... Why the Pilgrims/ Separatists wanted to come to the New World?
had many battles and wars to fight for their land and freedom. They often lost due to illness and not having adequate weapons like the settlers.
What is... Who are the different Indian tribes?
Fishing, shipbuilding, lumber and forestry, manufacturing, trading.
What are the Industries/ resources of the New England Colonies?
Spain, Europe, Portugal, France, and Britian.
What is... Where most Explorers came from and who sponsored their Explorations?
the charter or company that sponsored the Jamestown Settlement.
What is... Who is the Virginia Company.
Plymouth Rock
What is... Where the Mayflower supposedly landed?
the reason why many Indian tribes were wiped out from disease over several hundereds of years.
What is the Columbian Exchange? Please explain...
South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, and Virginia.
What are the Southern Colonies?
the person who claimed to have discovered America (although it was really the West Indies and Bahamas)- although he died before it came to reality.
What is... Who is Christopher Columbus?
the was the difficult time during the first years when the Jamestown settlers were about to give up and head back to England.
What is the Starving Time? How did they make it and why?
the document the Strangers and the Separatists signed to give them a set of "laws and rules to abide by."
What is the Mayflower Compact?
this Indian Chief wanted to have positive relations with the Settlers from the beginning. He worked hard with his tribe to ensure that they would have a good relationship. The settlers promised to help them defend from another tribe and they worked well together for many years.
What is... Who is Chief Massasoit? What Settlement? Wampanoag Tribe
farming, grains and breads, trading, cash crops and ranching, raising pigs, cows, goats and animals.
What are industries or resources in the Middle Colonies.
the outcome of Exploration and new people and products coming to the New World - which involved the trading of goods back and forth to the New World, Caribbean and Europe. Diesease was also spread.
What is... The Columbian Exchange?
the reason that Plymouth Colony made it after the first harsh winter. This was very different than the Jamestown settlement.
What is... How they made positive relationships with the Squanto and Samoset and the Indians?
reasons why the Indians could not defend themselves from the settlers and were often defeated throughout the years.
What is... What are disease and lack of adequate weapons?
plantations, cash crops, tobacco, trading, rice, indigo, cotton, and slaves.
What is industries or resources in the Southern Colonies.
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