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How have your prepared for the big test all year at school?

By staying focused on teaching and learning


Will there be any talking during the test?

No talking. The test administrator will briefly talk to give out directions. 


What happens if I'm absent for one of the testing days?

You will make up the section of the test you missed when you return to school.


What is the correct name for the big test?

The Georgia Milestone Assessment System


What can I do to prepare myself for testing?

Read every night, complete my class and homework, do my best every day


What is considered a healthy  breakfast?

Something nutritious, not too sweet or too heavy.


What type of materials will I need for the test?

Each student will receive a test ticket for each test section, scratch paper, and a pencil.


When will my test results come back and I find out how I did?

The 3rd and 5th grade students will come back to the school in about 2 weeks. 4th grade student scores will come back later.


What subjects will I be tested on?

3rd Grade -Reading, ELA, and Math

4th Grade - Reading, ELA, and Math

5th Grade -Reading, ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies


What happens if I get nervous right before the test begins?

Close your eyes and take some big deep breaths. 


What time should you go to bed the night before each section of a test?

Between 8:30 and 9:00 pm. 


Will I be allowed to use a calculator or cell phone during testing?

No use of electronic devices or calculators are allowed during testing.


What sections of the test must I pass to go on to the next grade?

3rd grade -Reading

5th grade - Reading and Math


Why do you take the Georgia Milestone test?

To see what you ave learned and how well you have mastered the standards


Is the test going to be on my level?

Some questions may be easy and some may be more difficult. There will also be field questions on the test that don't count against your score.


What happens if I arrive to school late or after the test has already begun?

If you arrive after the test has begun, you will be sent to the media center until after that testing session has ended. You will then be tested later on that day by another teacher in the building.


How much time will I have for each section of the test?

The time is different for each test. You may have 30 to 50 minutes depending on the test.


What are the test results used for?

To see if you should move on to the next grade and to see how well your teacher is teaching.


What are the testing dates?

3rd - 4/21 - ELA Section 1
         4/22 - ELA Section 2
         4/23 - ELA Section 3
         5/7 - Math Section 1
          5/8 - Math Section 2

 4th - 4/30 - Math Section 1
          5/1 - Math Section 2
          5/4 - ELA Section 1
           5/5- ELA Section 2
           5/6 - ELA Section 3

5th Grade - 4/14 - ELA Section 1
                   4/15 - ELA Section 2
                    4/16 - ELA Section 3
                    4/20 - Science 1 & 2
                     4/27 - Math Section 1
                     4/28 - Math Section 2
                    4/29 - Social Studies Section 1 & 2


What is the most important thing I need to do on test day?

Listen and follow directions carefully. Take your time and read the questions and answers carefully.


When will students have restroom breaks?

Before the test begins. Only extreme emergencies will go during the test. Besides, you will lose time if you interrupt your session.


Where will I record my answers?

This is an online test so every student will use a laptop to complete the test.


What should I do over the summer to prepare me for the next grade and school year?

Continue to read every day and study your math facts.


What type of questions will I have on the test?

Multiple choice, constructed response, and a writing component


Will I still be able to use my test taking strategies on the computer?

Yes, the online test is set up with all of the tools such as underlining, highlighting and more. You will also be able to go back and review the passage as often as needed.

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