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What popular kids' action figure came with its body parts but no body until 1964? 

a) Kermit the Frog

b) Mr. Potato Head

c) G.I. Joe


b) Mr. Potato Head


In 1966, little confectioners could make bubble gum in what machine? 

a) Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine

b) Cotton Candy Machine

c) Barbie Ice Cream Shoppe

d) Easy-Bake Oven

d. Easy bake oven


Which of these was the first movie based on a board game? 

a) Candy Land

b) Toy Story

c) Clue

d) Monopoly

c) Clue


The ingredients for the original version of this kid-friendly gooey stuff are still a secret after 46 years. '

a) Silly Putty

b) Elmer's Glue

c) Slime

d) Play-Doh

d) play-doh


7. How many pounds of Silly Putty are produced each day? 

a) 1,500

b) 50

c) 2,000,000

d) 500

a) 1,500


The smell of which old-time favorite is among the 20 most recognizable scents to adults? 

a) Mr. Sketch scented markers

b) Bic ink

c) Play-Doh

d) Crayola crayons

d) Crayola Crayons


American children spend about 6.3 billion hours per year doing what? 

a) Sleeping

b) Reading

c) Riding bicycles

d) Coloring

d) coloring


A chemical engineer created what item during the Great Depression when his liquid rubber experiment failed? 

a) Modeling clay

b) Airplane glue

c) Latex balloons

d) Colored ink

c) Latex Balloons


 What doll collection created the first walking dolls? 

a) Madame Alexander Jeannie Walker and Friends

b) Punky Brewster and Pals

c) Jem and the Holograms

d) Strawberry Shortcake and Friends

a )


How many wagons did Radio Flyer continue to produce every day during the Great Depression? 

a) 500

b) 1,000,000

c) 100

d) 1,500

d) 1500


In 1952, this was the first children's toy advertised on television. 

a) Red Ryder BB gun

b) Big Wheel

c) Lone Ranger doll

d) Mr. Potato Head

d) Mr. Potato Head


What organization is the world's largest vehicle tire manufacturer? 

a) Lego

b) U.S. Army

c) Matchbox

d) Michelin

a) lego


This president said shooting defenseless animals was unsportsmanlike, which began a stuffed-animal craze that continues to this day. 

a) Abraham "Honest Abe" Lincoln

b) Dwight D. "I Like Ike" Eisenhower

c) Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt

d) Richard "I Am Not a Crook" Nixon

c) Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt


A platoon of National Guard soldiers would be busy stomping for four years if it wanted to rid the world of this scary classic. 

a) Creepy Crawler bugs

b) Spiders

c) Gummy worms

d) Jell-O eyeballs

a) Creepy Crawlers


This doll, which inspired a comic strip of the same name, was modeled after the favorite plaything of the inventor's daughter. 

a) Snoopy

b) Raggedy Ann

c) Skipper

d) Garfield

b) Raggedy Ann

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