Interest Groups and Political Parties
Civic Duties and Responsibilities and Media
Election Process
Reapportionment and Redistricting
Blast From the Past
What is the main purpose of an interest group?
What is influence candidates and support candidates that support them.
Give two examples of Civic Duties
What is Registering for the draft Following laws Jury duty Paying taxes
Election where it is determined who will get to run for President
What is primary election
The process of counting the population every ten years is known as
What is the U.S. Census
Type of government where people elect politicians to pass laws on their behalf
What is representative democracy
This group nominates candidates to run for office and addresses multiple issues in their platforms.
What is political party
Give 2 examples of civic responsibilities
What is Be aware Vote Protest Volunteer Campaign
Number of electoral votes possible AND number that is needed to win presidency
What is 538 and 270
Why must redistricting take place after reapportionment?
What is to make sure there is one rep per district
System of government where power is divided between local, state, and national governments.
What is federalism
Why do people join 3rd parties?
What is because the main two parties do not support their views.
Why are most polls considered bias?
What is select demographics wording of the question lying nonresponse
Why aren't people allowed to register to vote on election day?
What is their identification can not be verified
Over the past fifty years, many Americans have moved from the West to the South. As a result of this population shift, the South has gained influence in
What is the House of Representatives.
A PRINCIPLE of government that would protect citizens from illegal search and seizure (hint: NOT an amendment)
What is limited government
What is the role of a lobbyist?
What is to lead an interest group and argue points in Congress
What group can sometimes be called the 4th branch of government because of their influence over public opinion?
What is the media
Why might candidates running for public office often spend more money on advertising during the last week of a campaign?
What is to convince the undecided voters
The process of illegally creating districts to ensure that the incumbent party will win re-election.
What is gerrymandering
Principle of government that allows the Supreme Court to review and overturn parts of President Obama's Healthcare Law (hint: not judicial review)
What is checks and balances
What are 2 differences between interest groups and political parties?
What is interest groups support candidates while political parties nominate them interest groups focus on one issue while political parties focus on numerous there are hundreds of interest groups but only two main political parties
Which form of campaigning is most often seen in the media?
What is mudslinging
What is the most direct way for a group of teenagers to influence the outcome of a bill that would raise the minimum driving age?
What is testify at a legislative hearing or write to a member of the state legislature
The population of Massachusetts has increased since 1970, but its representation in Congress has declined. Which of these best explains why this has happened?
What is population growth has not kept up with the rest of the country
List two weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation
What is Federal Government was unable to tax No Executive branch No power to regulate trade Difficulty passing laws No national court system
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