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Which type of wave can transmit energy in a vacuum?
a. seismic b. sound c. water d. light
Sound waves are generated in 4 different media: air, water, wood, and nitrogen gas. In which medium do the sound waves travel the fastest?
a. nitrogen gas b. water c. wood d. air
A motorboat is traveling across a lake. The boat makes waves that eventually travel to the shore. What is transmitted from the boat to the shore?
a. neither matter nor energy b. matter and energy c. energy but not matter d. matter but not energy
A certain wave of the EM spectrum is moving with a certain wavelength. How will its energy change if the wavelength is doubled?
a. Energy will be halved b. Energy will be doubled c. Energy will not change d. Energy will be reduced to 1/4
What are the colors of visible light from highest energy to lowest?
a. red, oragnge, blue, green, indigo, violet, yellow b. violet, indigo, green, blue, red, orange, yellow c. violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red d. blue, green, violet, orange, red, yellow, indigo
Tiffany hears a marching band that is approaching her from around the corner of a building. What allows her to hear the sound of the band around the corner?
a. Tiffany is actually Supergirl. b. interference of sound waves c. diffraction of sound waves d. reflection of sound waves
Joe is able to change the stations and make other adjustments to the television without leaving his seat by using a remote control. How does the message travel from the remote control to the television?
a. transfer of energy by em waves b. transfer of energy by an electric current c. transfer of energy by a magnetic field d. transfer of energy by sound waves
Conan is making a presentation on the characteristics of waves for a science project. Which point can he include in his presentation?
a. the greater the wave speed the lower the energy b. the greater the amplitude the lower the energy c. the greater the frequency the greater the energy d, the greater the wavelength the greater the energy
When Michelle steps into a swimming pool, she notices that the floor of the pool appears to be higher than it actually is. Which property of light waves causes the pool to appear shallower than it is?
a. Light waves are diffracted at the surface of the water. b. Light waves are absorbed as they enter the water. c. Light waves are refracted as they leave the water. d. Light waves are reflected at the surface of the water.
Helen attends a concert held in an auditorium. Although speakers are spread evenly around the auditorium, the sound is much louder at some spots than others. Which property of waves MOST LIKELY explains this variation in loudness?
a. diffraction b. absorption c. refraction d. interference
Maria is studying the relationships among frequency, wavelength, and the energy of an electromagnetic wave. Which of these BEST describes the relationships among these wave characteristics?
a. energy is directly proportional to frequency and inversely proportional to wavelength b. energy is inversely proportional to frequency and directly proportional to wavelength c. energy is directly proportional to frequency and wavelength d. energy is inversely proportional to frequency and wavelength
What do x-rays, gamma rays and visible light all have in common?
a. all are EM waves b. all are pressure waves c. all have the same wavelength d. all have the same frequency
Matilda observes a sunset. She is able to see the sunlight even after the Sun drops below the horizon. What causes this phenomenon to occur?
a. refraction b. reflection c. diffraction d. interference
What property of sound waves makes a tin can telephone work?
a. amplitude b. wavelength c. frequency d. vibrations
Jessica wants to measure and compare the energies of the radio waves and microwaves emitted from the Sun. Which characteristic of these two waves will BEST help her in comparing and measuring their energies?
a. amplitude b. speed c. direction d. frequency
In which example will the wave MOST LIKELY become diffracted?
a. light striking a medium that does not transmit light b. sound traveling through air over an open field c. sound passing through an open window d. light traveling from a star toward a distant planet
While shopping, Patrick sees his image on a glass window. Which property of light allows Patrick to see his image on the glass?
a. reflection b. refraction c. high speed d. no mass
Sound waves are best described as
a. EM waves b. transverse waves c. compressional waves d. vibratory waves
Beth lists the various forms of EM energies coming from the Sun. Which characteristic of waves helps her to identify these energies?
a. crest b. speed c. amplitude d. frequency
What is your favorite color?
a. red b. green c. blue, no wait - it's yellow! AAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGG d. none of the above
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