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With about 50 million visitors annually, this area of NY city is the most visited area by individuals, full of shopping, entertainment and food. 

Times square 


Today, practically any movie, television series or video game can be streamed right from the comfort of your own couch. Not so long ago, this was the place to be to rent new finds and old favorites. Netflix eventually pushed this company into closure



Based on the 1999 Thomas Harris novel, this TV series lasting three seasons explores the early relationship between a renowned psychiatrist and a young FBI criminal profiler who is haunted by his ability to empathize with serial killers. He is secretly a psychopath and cannibalistic serial killer, in his own right.  

Hannibal (Lecter) 


In 1930 in Massachusetts, two chefs invented this food dessert, which ended up being known as an American classic. It's said that seven billion of these are eaten annually. 

Chocolate chip cookies 


Sandwiches are popular over the world, but we can Thank the Greek for this popular street food where the meat is sliced in thin shavings after being constantly rotating on a vertical splint. Typically served on bread (Pita) with vegetables and a specific sauce (Tzatziki)  



It would take you a lifetime to see everything on this famous strip. Every year about 42 million people from every corner of the globe come here to gamble, drink and enjoy world class entertainment. 

The Las Vegas Strip 


Opened in 1921 and closing in 2017, this was the go-to-spot for loud speakers, mobile phones, satellite TVs, batteries and electronic toys. It was the first retailer to sell a mass-market fully assembled computer. With the rise of Best Buy and Amazon, this company quickly diminished. 

Radio Shack 


This epic TV show is based on the best-selling series by George R.R Martin called A song of ice and fire. Its known for its dragons, betrayals and battles on the HBO network. By the end, the show had strayed away from the books it was based off of. 

Game of Thrones 


Garlic helps to prevent heart disease as it helps lower the level of what in our blood?

Taking in half to one clove of garlic a day can decrease cholesterol levels by ten percent.  



When people think of Poland, one of the most common thoughts is this traditional food and an important piece of Polish culture. These crescent shaped dumplings are filled with a variety of flavors from savory to sweet and then easily boiled or fried, ready to eat. 



Disney World in Florida has to be one of the top destinations in the world, filled with hundreds of attractions. It contains four parks, what are they? 

Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios 


Founded in 1859, this company disappeared in 2015 after more than 100 years of business as it could not compete with cheaper grocers like Walmart or the upcoming trendy stores such as Whole foods and Trader Joes. By 2015, it sold all of its locations as individuals preferred other grocery stores. 

A&P supermarket 


Based of a Novel by Richard Hooker, this TV series from 1972-1983 features a staff of an army hospital in the Korean War find that laugher is the best way to deal with their situation.


This term means that food can be ordered as separate items or in culinary terms "according to the menu." 

A La Carte 


Known as a France delicacy, The French consume about 40,000 tons of these each year. It's believed that these little critters were eventually brought to the United States in the 1850s. They are typically served with butter, garlic and parsley. 

Escargot: France 


California is known for its beautiful weather, especially it's world known beaches. Surf sand and shopping brings many visitors here, as it's been featured on many TV shows and movies. More importantly known for its 2 mile boardwalk. What beach am i? 

Venice Beach 


Opened in 1956 and recently closed through the COVID-19 pandemic, this company was the go-to shopping destination for inexpensive footwear. They started from humble beginning before reaching department stores, eventually becoming an independent company. Due to many aggressive competitors such as Kohl's, Walmart and Target that offered more, this company could not stay open. 

Payless Shoe store 


Based on the book series by Sara Shepard, this show ran for seven seasons on ABC family. The story starts with four friends who are reunited one year after the disappearance of their ringleader. After a mysterious text message who threatens to expose their darkest secrets, the girls set out on a long mission to discover one's identity and take them down.

Pretty Little Liars (Lucy Hale and Shay Mitchell)


Cooking oils are a chef's secret weapon as there is a lot you can do from sautéing to roasting to frying. Some oils perform well at high temperatures, while others just can't take the heat. What are the most common used cooking oils ( 4 answers) 

Vegetable, Canola, Olive, and Coconut 


Italy has introduced us to the world of pasta and its many variations. The country produces over 3 million tons of this annually. The average Italian eats about 52 pounds of this a year. According to the Italian Association, what are the five most popular pasta shapes? 

Penne, Spaghetti, Fusilli (short twisted) 

Rigatoni and Tagliatelle (flat ribbon) 


Approximately 160 million dollars were poured into this  in the 80s after this landmark was in repair. Located in Washington D.C, it reopened in 1988 and it's become a must see in the nation's capital. It is home to the Amtrak company and the second busiest railroad station. 

Union Station 


At one time the world's biggest film company, they could not keep up with the digital revolution. Despite investing billions of dollars into developing technology for taking pictures using mobile phones, it held back from the mass market. They introduced us to disposable cameras but even now they've become a rare commodity.



Based on the 1983 book with the same name, this TV show ended up being popular as a limited series on Netflix. The story follows the life of a young girl who becomes a chess prodigy as she deals with the world around her filled with drug and alcohol dependency. 

The Queen's gambit 


Cheesecake is a classic dessert that is loved around the world. History says that it can be traced back to ancient times, first originating in this European country. It's been said that this dessert was served during this international sporting event for the first time. 

The Olympics 


Often served in the United Kingdom and Ireland, a full English breakfast is your typical hearty savory meal. What consists of this? 

Bacon, Sausages, eggs, black pudding (blood sausage) Baked beans, form of potato, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast, and either coffee or tea.