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Milwaukee History
This famous 1920s movie star was known for his “little tramp” character complete with baggy pants, a bowler hat, and small mustache. He also was known for his unique walk.
Who is Charlie Chaplin
This group of immigrants were the most prominent in Milwaukee history. Milwaukee still hosts two festivals dedicated to people of this heritage, including Oktoberfest.
Who are the Germans
This pilot made the first solo flight across the Atlantic. He flew from New York, NY to Paris France May 20-21, 1927.
Who is Charles Lindbergh
Two Words. This expression means an important influential person. Relates to dairy.
What is the big cheese
This term was used to describe ladies who followed the latest fashion trends during the 1920s. These women wore short hair, hemlines above the waist, and dresses with straight waists.
What is a flapper
This legal act of preventing the manufacture, transportation and sale of alcohol began in the United States after the passing of the Volstead Act in 1919. Milwaukee, a city with strong breweries, was generally not in support of this movement.
What is Prohibition
This transparent adhesive ribbon material was invented by Richard G. Drew at 3M in 1930.
What is Scotch Tape
One Word. This drink also known as “noodle juice” is served in many varieties including green, black, and chamomile.
What is tea.
This famous cartoon rodent made his film debut in Steamboat Willie in 1928.
Who is Mickey Mouse
This immigrant group was especially prominent on the south side of Milwaukee. They worked mostly in manufacturing and now have left their mark on the city with St. Josephat’s Basilica and St. Stanislaus Catholic Church.
Who are the Poles
This American car company that still exists today was known for the Model T during the 1920s. They sold 15 million of them before they discontinued the car in 1927.
What is Ford.
One word. Also known as a juice joint, this term refers to secret clubs that served alcohol during prohibition.
What is a speakeasy
This famous red-headed character from classic 1920s comic strips embarked on adventures with her dog Sandy. During the 1930s, this series was adapted to a radio series.
Who is Little Orphan Annie
This former Milwaukee mayor was a sewer socialist and served from 1916-1940, making his the longest continuous Socialist administration in US history. He established the country’s first public housing project and now the large bridge at Milwaukee’s lakefront is named after him.
Who is Daniel Hoan
In 1938 Roy J. Plunkett invented tetrafluoroethylene polymers also known as this non-stick coating for cookware.
What is Teflon
Two Words. Means something splendid or stylish. Refers to a feline’s call.
What is the cat's meow
This trumpet player with the nickname Satchmo was a foundational jazz artist with such hits as “Ain’t Misbehavin” and “What a Wonderful World”
Who is Louis Armstrong
This Madison area politician served as Governor of Wisconsin, was elected to the House of Representatives and the US Senate, and ran for President of the United States in 1924 under the Progressive Party.
Who is Robert La Follette
Inventor Clarence’s last name is also an expression that means a view from above like a bird, often used in blueprints. The company’s slogan is “Good Mood Food”
What is Birdseye
A Sawbuck equals $10. A fin is $5, and a century is $100. What is the sum of two centuries minus the sum of one sawbuck plus 5 fins?
What is $165
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