The NYC Boycott
Civil war & EP
Redemption / Jim Crow
Beecher's Bibles
What happened on Feb. 3, 1964?
1. 450,000 students stayed out of school 2. went to freedom schools 3. march / rally
When did it start, when did it end, and who were the two sides?
1861 – 1865, the Union & the Confederacy.
When did it start, when did it end, and why did it end.
1865 – 1877. Troops were removed from the south.
Who was Jim Crow?
a fictional character in popular entertainment. he was black & foolish.
This compromise between free & slave states led to the passage of the fugitive slave act?
The Compromise of 1850.
Was the segregation of NYC schools de facto or de jure?
de facto schools were segregated because neighborhoods were segregated, not because there were laws saying they had to be separate by race.
How did the war start, and what was Lincoln’s main goal?
The secession of 7 states to form the Confederate States of America. To preserve the union.
What are two ways the Freedman’s Bureau helped rebuild the South?
Get people & land back to work. Feed & clothe ex-slaves. Resolve workplace disputes. Rebuild plantations & other things destroyed by the war.
Name three white terrorist organizations that emerged during redemption.
KKK, White League, the Red Shirts
How did the Kansas-Nebraska act lead to violence in Kansas?
it opened the decision over slavery in the kansas & nebraska territories to popular sovereignty. this caused massive migration of pro- and anti-slavery advocates, who then got into fights.
What were they advocating for?
The immediate integration of NYC's schools.
What are 2 ways the Civil War different from other wars that came before it?
1. Industrial (factories used) 2. Mass-produced weapons & different weapons 3. Mobilization of civilian resources. 2 out of 3 gets the points
Which amendment overturned the Supreme Court’s decision in the Dred Scott case? Who did it give citizenship to?
14th - opened citizenship to anybody born in or naturalized in the US (unless they were native americans).
What did the Supreme Court decision in the Plessy v. Ferguson case say about segregation?
that it was okay, as long as the separate facilities were of equal quality.
How was the fugitive slave act different from other similar laws?
It REQUIRED people to return fugitive slaves, with a fine or imprisonment as punishment if they didn't. it also increased funding for enforcement of the law.
What five groups were involved in the boycott?
NAACP, SNCC, SCLC, CORE, Parent's Workshop for Equality
Why did the CSA expect the support of European countries? Did they get it?
The CSA thought that Europe needed cheap cotton so badly that they would help the south win the war. No.
The 15th amendment was passed in 1870. What was the biggest problem/loophole with it?
it only restricted voting discrimination based on race, not gender, literacy, wealth, property ownership.
Black codes & Jim Crow laws were intended to restrict the life of blacks after reconstruction. Give an example.
What was the Louisiana Purchase?
Big plot of land bought from the French.
What did Bayard Rustin teach MLK, Jr.?
The nonviolent teachings of Mahatma Ghandi.
What is the biggest myth/misconception about the Emancipation Proclamation?
That it ended slavery.
Which amendment abolished slavery except for punishment, and what year?
13th, 1865.
The KKK had lots of strategies for terrorizing & intimidating blacks. Name 2.
- murder in front of families - burning crosses - lynchings - standing outside the voting booths
How is the Louisiana Purchase connected to “bleeding Kansas”?
That's the land that then got filled with territories and states, and where the question of slavery had to be dealt with.
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