Central Idea
The Ant and The Grasshopper
The Richer, the Poorer
Context Clues

What is theme?

The moral or the lesson of a story.


What is another way to describe the central idea?

The central idea is what the passage or reading section is mainly about.

How is the ant portrayed in the story?



Why did Bess not notice what's happening with her parents?

All she wanted was to go outside and play


Which word most closely matches the underlined word in the sentence? Use the other words in the sentence for clues to the correct meaning.

The lost campers sweltered in the desert sun. 

A. ate     B. over-heated    C. slept      D. sunbathed



How can we determine the theme of a story?

Paying attention to the characters, conflicts, and recurring ideas.


Did you know that giraffes are the tallest animals in the world? They are unique in other ways, too. For one thing, they sleep only about 20 minutes each day and, usually, not more than five minutes at a time. (They have to remain alert for predators.) Also, every giraffe’s coat is unique and varies in color from white to nearly black, depending on what they eat and where they live. 

The central idea of this passage is: 

a. Giraffes don’t sleep very much. 

b. Giraffes are unique animals. 

c. There are many animals in the world. 

d. No animal is taller than a giraffe.

b. giraffes are unique animals 


How is the grasshopper portrayed in the story?




Why did Lottie choose not to get married?

She can't give up her job


Lou was sent to the haberdashery to find a new suit. He needed to wear one for his uncle’s wedding.  

Using context clues, what does haberdashery mean?

a place where clothes for men are sold


What is the one theme from The Ant and the Grasshopper?

Plan for the future.

Work now, play later.


My dog is called Buttons, and he learns new tricks really quickly. When I say “Hands”, he will give me one of his front paws. He can even walk on two legs when I tell him to. It only took me three days to teach him these tricks. I don’t think other dogs can learn as quickly as Buttons. He is the best. 

What is the central idea?

a. My dog is not clever.

b. My dog is the smartest dog.

 c. I wish I can be a good dog trainer.

b. my dog is the smartest dog


What is the conflict in the story?

The grasshopper is hungry.


Why is Lottie better off without nieces and nephews?

Bess might have just dumped them on her doorstep


Mrs. Shumate felt particularly despondent about Christmas Break coming to an end. 

What does despondent mean?

sad or upset


What is one theme from The Richer, the Poorer?

Money doesn't lead to happiness.


If you are feeling sad, you can make yourself feel better by doing a few simple things. You can take a walk (or get another form of exercise), you can talk to a friend, or you can write down your feelings. Writing down the good things in your life will help too. Doing something good for someone else will also help you feel better. If you still feel a little sad, act happy. It can work like magic to make you feel better! 

The central idea of this passage is: 

a. Sometimes people feel sad 

b. You should do good things for others 

c. We’re not always happy 

d. There are many ways to make yourself feel better

d. There are many ways to make yourself feel better


What was the ant storing all summer?



When did Lottie realize that she has to change herself?

A day before Bess arrived and she saw herself in the mirror


Erik is gregarious, unlike his brother, who is quiet and shy. 

What does gregarious mean?

friendly or outgoing


Julia wanted to become a doctor for as long as she could remember. In college when her friends were out at the mall or going out with friends, Julia spent all of her time studying. At graduation, Julia graduated with high honors and was offered a job shortly after. What is the theme?

A: Studying is important. 

B:  It is important to go to college. 

C: Hard work pays off.

Hard work pays off.


The Earth goes around the sun. In winter, our part of the Earth is farther away from the sun. It is very cold and it stays darker longer. In the summer, our part of the Earth is closer to the sun. Then it is very warm.

What is the central idea of this story?

a.The earth moves around the sun.

b. It is cold in the winter.

c. It is darker in the winter.

d. It is warm in the summer.

a.The earth moves around the sun.


What was the grasshopper doing all summer?

singing and jumping around.


This character is similar to the grasshopper from the fable The Ant and the Grasshopper.



Mark was discombobulated after he had started to smell a faint, but strange scent coming from his bedroom, but after he checked the room it was gone. 

What does the word "discombobulated" mean?