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This young-adult book series features dystopian themes -- focusing on a battle-royale tournament where the contestants are fighting to the death to bring back wealth/resources to their 'district'

What is the Hunger Games?


While it is a fundamental particle, it oddly has no positive OR negative charge.

What is a nuetron?


While George Washington eventually became our 1st president, the original suggestion was that he become America's first _____.

What is king?


1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29 ... the list goes on for these special numerical values.

What are prime numbers?


This biological structure is the power house of the cell!

What is the Midochondria?


Five Seven and Five

Oh Jeopardy, what am I?

A structure of sorts?

What is a Haiku?


This is (arguably) the most important factor when deciding if a star will collapse into a black hole at the end of its life cycle.

What is mass?


This economic crisis brought America to its knees after the 1st world war and ended in roughly 1939.

What is The Great Depression?


A way to evaluate tough problems -- Lindsey Lohan knew all about this "approach" in Mean Girls.

What is a limit?


This tells me the distance between any two points (in 2D), but is famous for providing the length of a hypotenuse!

What is the Pythagorean Theorem?


This H.G. Wells novel created an actual panic in 1938 when it was read live on the Radio, leading many to believe that the end was near!

What is War of The Worlds?


This synonym is both (a) something you don't want to tear playing sports and (b) something you need to watch closely if you want to accurately measure liquids . . . 

What is a meniscus? 


Leading to an eventual POTUS Resignation, this scandal (named after the hotel it took place in) caught a sitting president wiretapping his opposition meetings.

 It turn out, he was a "crook!"

What is The Watergate Scandal?


25x2 - 144 is a textbook example of this special factoring case.

What is a difference of squares?


America has a lot of important dates, but this year designates the accepted 'birthday' of our nation.

When is 1776?


This author invented many phrases we still use today such as: "cold-blooded" "love is blind" "in one fell swoop" and "alls well that ends well"

Who is Shakespeare?


I might be older than my own parents after time dilation! - but that only happens as I approach this . . .

What is the speed of light?


Referred to as "Seward's Folly," the purchase of this land was mocked heavily until it turned out to be an astounding environmental resource for the US (especially with regards to oil).

What is Alaska?


The "opposite" of an integral, this calculus concept allows for the study rates of change in more depth.

What is a derivative?


"Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally" is one of many ways to keep track of this fundamental numerical concept.

What is Order of Operations?


An adaptation of the written word, this iconic movie broke ground by shifting from traditional black-and-white to a fully colored motion picture within the first act of the film.

What is the Wizard of Oz?


Once this starts happening to an element, you run the risk of being hit with atoms, particles, or even dangerous rays of energy!

What is radioactive decay?


While we remember the tea going into the harbor, many Americans forget THIS core issue that instigated the Boston Tea Party... which is a shame because it rhymed too...

What is "Taxation with Representation"?


These types of numbers explain how a quadratic can have solutions that can't be factored. 

What is an imaginary number?

Much confusion occurred as Christopher Columbus landed in America, but he actually thought he had landed here.

What is India?

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