Basics B*tches
Personal Cheeseballz

How does she like her eggs cooked?

Bonus: How many times did Amanda revolve around the sun?

Medium Boiled (warm, still runny)

29 (Matt’s been waiting his whole life to answer this question)


What is their phone number?



What part of you do they like the most? 

Matt: Physical part? Eyes. Second place, DEM BOOOOBIES.

Amanda: His brain. That thing thinks in a different wonderful way.


According to your partner, what is your best quality? 

Matt: She really allows me to be my true self, and loves me for it. 

Amanda: Thoughtfulness. He has powerful empathy.


How did Matt rate your cooking ability?

-Non existent




Average – Good on some things… uhh learning on others.


If you and Amanda were role playing in the bedroom, you would dress up as ... and Amanda would dress up as ...?

Amanda, do you agree or have anything to add???


What was their first car?

I don't know, you tell me.


According to your partner, what is your most irritating habit?

Matt: That late-night burst of energy right when I’m crashing for the day.

Amanda: When he is tired he bounces his leg. It is irritating because I want to stay up and play video games but that damned leg is reminding me that it is bedtime.


How many children does your partner want? 


Matt: 2 seems cool. A mini-Amanda, and a mini-Matt.

Amanda: Breaker and a kitten. (but really, one foster child eventually).


After Matt makes a poopy, does he wipe standing up or sitting down?


Stand up! Need the leverage.


What outfit was she wearing when you met her?


Timber Creek PURPLE shirt


What was their first job?


If you two could live anywhere in the world, where would they pick? 

Matt: Maybe some rocky coastline, but pretty close to city/normal life. 

Amanda: Copenhagen


What did your partner say was the kinkiest thing you’ve asked them to do? OoOo *wink wink*

Matt: I don’t know about kinky ‘things’ but the locations have been fun. That one night on the beach was a surprise. Haha.

Amanda: He asked to touch my boobs. No joke. And I quote: “Manny, can I touch your boobies tonight?”


What color/type of pants was he wearing when you first met?

Met? Probably a pair of black or khaki shorts. First hang, kiss? Definitely a pair of blue jeans.


How would Amanda rate your kissing skillz? (1-10) 

9, was a 10 when we were first dating, no time for that now. Efficient 9.

(200 Points if miss by 1, 100 Points if miss by 2)


Who is their celebrity crush?


Be honest, other person!


What would your partner change about you (physically)?

Matt: I’d give her bigger feet so we could share shoes!

Amanda: Make his thumbs less small. They so weird.


When did they know you were THE one?

Matt: This was a slow burn. Like, there was no one moment. You just kinda wake up 2-3 years into being together, and it’s still getting better. Everyday getting better. There’s never been a partner this perfect, and that feeling grows on you through time. It went from possible, to obvious, to inevitable in that 3-year zone, but I never consciously thought about it. Ya know?

Amanda:When we talked about if I should get my PhD or not. I knew we were talking about our future, and I knew he’d be there for me if things got tough. Then he was.


If he could get rid of one piece of clothing from your closet, what would it be? 

This is hard – she gets rid of clothes all the time, and I help. If she still has them, there was a pair of olive/chartreuse green pants. Those can go.


Picture this: A hypothetical human-sized wormhole appears in your house, and you and Breaker are being dragged into it...

Which one of you will Amanda save using the anti-gravity gun she invented, but unfortunately only has one round to spare?!?

There is no right answer to this one :(


How many broken bones have they had?



What did they really think of you when you first met?

Matt: She was too nice, too try-to-be-funny. I didn’t think it was real (all that positivity). I didn’t really want to be around her! Haha. I was happy being a grump.

Amanda: Thought he was MEGA CUTE, and he was goofy, goofy good. Super funny. He seemed like the center of his friend’s happiness, I liked that and wanted to be apart of it. BUT mostly, I just thought he was so cute. Like CRAZY cute. Loved his red shoes.


Why don't you tell us a really embarrassing story 'bout your partner for 500 points?



Matt's celebrity crush starts texting him compromising photos, and says they'd like to meet up.

Is he gonna.. do it?

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