Recovery Geography
Feelings Feelings Feelings
Helping Others

Where Bill was when he had is first experience with alcohol...

What is Plattsburg?

The exact nature of alcoholism...

What did we learn in the Doctor's Opinion?


The remorse, horror, and hopelessness of the next morning are unforgettable...

How did Bill feel the next morning?


While laying in the hospital the thought came that there were thousands of hopeless alcoholics who might be glad to have what had been so freely given to me. Perhaps I could help some of them.  They in turn might work with others.

What thought came to Bill as he lay in the hospital?


the only requirement for membership

What is a desire to stop drinking?


The birthplace of AA

What is Akron, OH?


Mercifully, no one could guess that I was to have no real employment for five years...

How long did he go without gainful employment?


waves of self-pity and resentment....

What was Bill plagued with? 


a recovering alcoholic can do this through work and self-sacrifice for others...

How does an alcoholic develop his spiritual life? 


I had always believed in a Power greater than myself.  I had often pondered these things.

What had Bill always believed? 


During his visit, Bill wandered outside, much moved, and his attention was caught by a doggerel on an old tombstone...

What is Winchester Cathedral?


The remonstrances of my friends terminated in a row and I became a lone wolf....

What did Bill's friends think of his drinking?

When the first citizens took us to their homes, making us feel heroic....

What flattered these young officers?


If he did not work, he would surely drink again, and if he drank, he would surely die...

What happens if a recovered alcoholic does not work with others?


Quicksand stretched around me in all directions.  I had met my match.  I had been overwhelmed.  Alcohol was my master.

What did Bill completely surrender to? 


Bill and Lois covered the whole eastern coast in a year....

How long did Bill and Lois stick with the motorcycle episode? 


Liquor ceased to be a luxury; it became a necessity...

What had liquor become to Bill? 


Our struggles with them are variously strenuous, comic, and tragic...

How did Bill describe our struggles with the wet ones?


Bill would be amazingly lifted up and set on my feet...

What happened when Bill talked to another alcoholic?


Belief in the power of God, plus enough willingness, honesty and humility to establish and maintain the new order of things

What did Ebby tell Bill were the essential requirements for real success in sobriety?


Where Ebby visited Bill and helped him take the actions of our Twelve Steps which resulted in Bill having a spiritual experience.

What is Town's Hospital?


Someone had pushed a drink my way, and I had taken it.  Was I crazy?  I began to wonder, for such an appalling lack of perspective seemed near being just that...

What did Bill's appalling lack of perspective make him wonder? 


Each day my friend's simple talk in our kitchen multiplies itself in a widening circle of peace on earth and good will to men...

What is the ongoing result of Ebby going to the trouble of locating Bill and telling him of the solution to alcoholism?


the principle behind Step 12 (hint: a helpful act; contribution to the welfare of others; useful labor that does not produce a tangible commodity)

What is Service?

I was to know happiness, peace, and usefulness, in a way of life that is incredibly more wonderful as time passes....

What was it Bill would come to know? 

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