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This Canadian- American man hosted the  syndicated general knowledge quiz game show Jeopardy! for 37 seasons until his death in 2020.

Alex Trebec

George Alexander Trebek was born in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, on July 22, 1940, the son of George Edward Trebek (born Terebeychuk),[8] a chef who had emigrated from Ukraine as a child, and Lucille Marie Lagacé (born April 14, 1921), a Franco-Ontarian. Trebek had roots in Renfrew County, Ontario, where his maternal grandmother was born in Mount St. Patrick near Renfrew. He grew up in a bilingual French-English household.  Trebek almost got expelled from the boarding school his parents sent him to. Shortly after he attended military college but dropped out when he was asked to cut his hair. Trebek's first job at age 13 was as a bellhop at the hotel where his father worked as a chef. Trebek attended Sudbury High School (now Sudbury Secondary School) and then attended the University of Ottawa. 


This is the biggest animal on earth and it calls Canada home. This animal can grow up to 27m long and weigh up to 132 tonnes, they are found in Candian waters along Canadas east coast. 

What is a blue whale. 


A beautiful, eye-catching view of a collection of 3 waterfalls at the same location with never ever seen mass of water and the world’s highest flow rate is how you can describe this famous place that is located in Ontario.

What is Niagra Falls


What are Canada's two official languages?

English and French


This Canadian tower used to be the tallest in the world.

A. HT Tower

B. CN Tower

C. PR Tower

What is CN Tower


This Country Music singer and songwriter is nicknamed the Queen of Country pop. She was named billboard leader of the 90’s country pop crossover. She won a  Grammy for  songs like “Any man of mine”

Who is Shania Twain 

Eilleen "Shania" Twain  (born Eilleen Regina Edwards; August 28, 1965) is a Canadian singer and songwriter. She was raised in Timmins, Ontario, Twain pursued singing and songwriting from a young age before signing with  Mercury Nashville Records in the early 1990s. 


This is Canada's most famous animal? It is the largest rodent and is on the Canadian nickel. It spends most of its time building dams and making homes, or lodges, from branches. It relies on its large front teeth to cut and fell the trees and branches it needs. And it has some serious building skills



This place is situated at the north of the town Vancouver, British Columbia on the Fitzsimmons range of Coast Mountain range in BC Canada. it was originally named London Mountain because of frequent fog seen at some lower areas.

 It is among the famous places for one of the largest ski resorts in North America and one of the most famous places to visit in winter in Canada. Here, you can have fun with amazing and thrilling sports like skiing, snowshoeing and tobogganing to enjoy in snow land.

What is Whistler?


This is Canadas favorite and most popular sport. Hint: It can be played on ice

What is hockey


True or False

Canada is home to which oldest brewery in North America

What is True 

The Molson Canadian


This Canadian-American actor and comedian who is well known for his roles in “In Living Color”, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Dumb and Dumber, and Liar Liar. 

Who is Jim Carrey

James Eugene Carrey (born January 17, 1962) is a Canadian-American actor, comedian, writer, producer, and artist. Known for his energetic slapstick performances,[2] Carrey first gained recognition in 1990, after landing a recurring role in the American sketch comedy television series In Living Color


This is the largest land animal in the North America. Males are larger than females. They have short, curved and sharp black horns on its head. They can reach between 23 and 29 inches in length. They have a thick, brown coat that provides insulation from the cold and moist weather. In Canada these are found in Alberta, Manitoba and the Northwest Territories

What is the Wood Bison?


This place is very much known for its French influence all around the world and is also one of the most beautiful, most famous places, romantic and appealing cities to visit. It is located on the Saint Lawrence River it is Canada’s own French-speaking province

What is Quebec


True or false. Canada has the longest highway in the world. 

True. The Trans-Canada highway is said to be the longest national highway in the world.


What year was the 2 dollar coin introduced?

A. 1956

B. 1986

C. 1996

What is 1996


This Canadian singer is one of the best-selling artist of all time. She is well known for singing the theme song for the Titanic “my heart will go on”. 

Who is Celine Dion

Celine Dion was born into a large family from Charlemagne, Quebec she emerged as a teen star in her home country with a series of French-language albums during the 1980s. She first gained international recognition by winning both the 1982 Yamaha World Popular Song Festival and the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest, where she represented Switzerland. After learning to speak English, she signed on to Epic Records in the United States. In 1990, Dion released her debut English-language album, Unison, establishing herself as a viable pop artist in North America and other English-speaking areas of the world.


This animal  is found on the “tails” side of the Canadian quarter. This member of the deer family lives in forests, mountains, and the tundra of northern Canada. It is built for its harsh life in the north. Its large hooves help the creature walk through the snow. They also come in handy for digging for food. It uses its hooves like a scoop, searching for moss and other plants found beneath the snow.

What is Caribou


This is the capital of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and also the capital of commercial, financial, educational and cultural centre for these provinces and one of the most famous places.  It is a fabulous city with a long, amazing history and also has the most colorful and bright waterfronts which make it look captivating and something out of the pattern. The houses here were all painted with different colors so the ships could see it through the fog.

St. Johns


True or False. Canadians eat the most donuts. 

True. Canada consumes the most doughnuts and has the most doughnut shops per capita of any country in the world.


Britain, _______ and First Nations started Canada.

A. Turkey

B. Spain

C. France

What is France


This famous Scottish Inventor invented the telephone while in Canada

Who is Alexander Graham Bell. 

In 1870, 23-year-old Bell travelled with his parents and his brother's widow, Caroline Margaret Ottaway, to Paris, Ontario, to stay with Thomas Henderson, a Baptist minister and family friend. The Bell family soon purchased a farm of 10.5 acres (42,000 m2) at Tutelo Heights (now called Tutela Heights), near Brantford, Ontario. The property consisted of an orchard, large farmhouse, stable, pigsty, hen-house, and a carriage house, which bordered the Grand River. 


Found in the Canadian Arctic, this animal is the largest land carnivore, or meat-eater, in the world. It feeds mainly on seals that live in the icy Arctic sea. It is a strong swimmer and diver and uses these skills to stalk its meals. Its body is perfectly made for life in its chilly home, it has thick fur and underfur over a layer of blubber, or fat, beneath its skin that helps keep animal warm in its cold climate.

What is Polar Bear


Here you’ll find a Rocky Mountain wonderland; a place of electric blue glacial lakes, waterfalls, abundant wildlife (from elk to bighorn sheep to grizzly bears) and breathtaking grandeur. It is Canada's oldest national park, established in 1885. Located in Alberta's Rocky Mountains, 110–180 kilometres west of Calgary

a. Jasper National Park

b. Banff National Park

c. Glacier national park 

What is Banff national park


In winter months, skaters can traverse down the middle of this capital city.



True or False 

The term "trick or treat" was first used in a Canadian province

What is True


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