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His example taught us we can be faithful despite being separated from family and under trial. He showed a lifetime of faith

Who is Daniel?


Who built the ark just as he was instructed?

Who is Noah?


This illustration describes fish as example of those unfit for the kingdom. Some fish were discarded because of no fins and could not be eaten.

What is Matthew 13:37-50?


We can learn from this creation that quality. It is the largest mammal on earth yet it eats the smallest creatures. Jehovah use it to show

What is Faith?


Some people turn away, others might be led astray. Still we’re glad to bear his nameand witness just the same.

What Is How Does It Make You Feel?


He showed us that the Joy of Jehovah is your stronghold by rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem despite enemy oppostion and help people return to true worship

Who is Nehmiah?


He denied Jesus 3 times before the cocked crowed

Who is Peter?


This slave was unmerciful and although he was forgiven he did not forgive his fellow slave his debt

What is Matt 18:23-35?


We learn from this creation. It helps sustain all life on the planet and we use it for decoration. Jehovah uses it to show

What is Rejoicing?


There was a reason why God brought the truth to youAnd called you from the darkness to the light.

What is He Will Make You Strong?


He chose to hate what was bad. He refused to worship idols despite his father worshipping Baal and other false gods. He risk is life 

Who is Josiah?


He lived on the run from the Pharoah

Who is Joseph?


The rich man wanted to follow Jesus and serve with him. Jesus told him to get rid of his things. He left greived

What is Luke 12: 16:21


We Learn from creation. This animal is fearless. It fights tirelessly its oppent until it defeats it. It is a mongoose. Jehovah show us 

What is Endurance?

O Jehovah you have given us, a hope that we hold dear. It’s a hope we find so thrilling we want the world to hear.

What is Our Strength, Our Hope, Our Confidence?


He was ran away from his assignment of to preach judgment and he was punished by being swallowed by a big fish

Who is Jonah?


She helped the spies escape capture an save her household

Who is Rahab?


This Judge did not fear God or cared about public opion. That did not stop the widow. She was Persistent until she got the outcome. WE should persist in prayer

What is Luke 18: 1-8?

We learn from creation. The deepest part of the ocean is deeper than the highest mountain. Yet is sustain life despite crushing pressure. The sea animals of Marian Trench. This creation show us 

What is love?


Who conquered the world; by his faith he won. We thank you for guidance in doing your will. You lovingly help us our vows fulfill.

What is We Thank You Jehovah?


He remained faithful even all his life. He did not follow along with his sons when they were accepting bribes and perverted justice. He remain faithful

Who is Samuel?


He was faithful despite his afflictions and his friends and wife turning on him

Who is Job?


This illustration was a reply to Jesus Disciples on how request for instructions on how to pray. Jehovah expect us to keep on asking?

What is Luke 11: 5-8?


We learn from Creation. Jehovah wants us to have everything we need. He created the earth to show us 

What is Jehovah Love?


Do raise me up; help me endure. When I’m in doubt, make my hope sure.From deep despair, I turn to you. Jehovah God, my strength renew

What is A Prayer of the Lowly One?