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One the most popular musical instruments is the piano. In the traditional musical instrument classification system of string, woodwind, percussion and brass, the piano falls into two categories. It is considered a string instrument because the sound comes from the strings inside the piano. It is also considered a percussion instrument, since the player strikes the keyboard, which signals an internal hammer to strike the strings.

The main idea of this paragraph is:

A) The piano is both a string and percussion instrument.

B) The piano is a string instrument. 

C) The piano is a popular instrument. 

D) The strings of a piano makes the sound. 



Went to the gym on Thursday.

This sentence is missing its _________.



One of the words in this sentence should be capitalized:

On Memorial day, Americans honor all of the U.S. soldiers who fought and died for their country.

What is "day"?


As soon as you start using this phone, you _____ it is one of the most advance cell phones on the market today.

A) find

B) found

C) will find

D) finded


The attitude of the writer 

What is tone?


Irish immigration to the U.S. began during the early development of the American colonies. It is estimated that 200,000 Irish came to the U.S. in the 17th and 18th centuries. The numbers swelled from 1820 to 1850 to almost 2 million Irish immigrants. Most of these were fleeing the potato famine from 1845 until 1852. Steady numbers continued to arrive during the late 19th and 20th centuries. Today, over 36 million Americans claim some level of Irish ancestry.

The main idea of this paragraph is:

A) The potato famine caused many Irish to immigrate to the U.S.

B) The U.S. is a country of immigrants. 

C) The Irish are coming to the U.S. still today. 

D) The Irish came in large numbers to the U.S.  



Two independent clauses joined incorrectly 

What is a run-on?


Read the following sentence: When I practice I improve.

A comma should be placed after __________.



Technicians in our San Francisco headquarters _____ two years creating the innovative interface.

A) spend

B) spent

C) will spend

D) spends



A comparison of two unlike things using "like" or "as"

What is a simile?

Anastasia sat by the fountain in the park with her head in her palms. She was weeping mournfully and her clothing was disheveled. In between gasps and sobs, Anastasia cried out a name: “Oh... John…” And then her cell phone beeped. Her hand ran into her purse and her heart fluttered. The text message was from John. She opened up the message and read the few bare words, “I need to get my jacket back from you.” Anastasia threw her head into her arms and continued sobbing. 

Make an inference about John and Anastasia's relationship.

Possible answers:

They were boyfriend and girlfriend; they were dating; John broke up with Anastasia.


This kind of sentence is made up of a dependent clause and an independent clause.

What is a complex sentence?


The information that follows relates to the serving size 100 calories in one serving, 200 calories in two servings, 300 calories in three servings, and so on.

Name the punctuation mark that should follow the word "size."

a colon


Upon graduation, several students and _____ received a certificate of excellence.

A) I 

B) us

C) we

D) me



This words describes the time and location of a story

What is the setting?


Cassie rolled over in her bed as she felt the sunlight hit her face. The beams were warming the back of her neck when she slowly realized that it was a Thursday, and she felt a little too good for a Thursday. Struggling to open her eyes, she looked up at the clock. “9:48,” she shouted, “Holy cow!” Cassie jumped out of bed, threw on the first outfit that she grabbed, brushed her teeth in two swipes, threw her books into her backpack, and then ran out the door. 

Predict what might happen next.

Possible answers: Cassie might be late for her class. 

Cassie will likely get to school late.


When I get to the bottom of the mountain, I want to sit beside the stream.

The words in italics show this kind of clause. 

What is a dependent clause?


Should you choose to continue using your Ann Arbor Bank credit Card beyond December 31, 2022, your new APR will be 24.99%.

State the word that should NOT be capitalized.



I wanted to just set the table and be done with it, but my mother scrupulously arranged each napkin, dish, and utensil until they were in perfect alignment.

Scrupulously means 

A) impatiently

B) carelessly

C) with great attention and detail



This kind of narrator is not in the story but knows everything that is going on with the characters.

What is a third-person omniscient narrator?


In his sophomore year of high school, basketball legend Michael Jordan tried out for the varsity basketball team. But at five feet and eleven inches tall, the coach believed that Jordan was too short to play. The coach cut Jordan from the team. Jordan didn’t let this obstacle defeat him. In fact, it pushed him to work even harder. He trained vigorously and grew another four inches the following summer. The next year, Jordan made the varsity squad. He averaged 25 points a game and went on to become one of the greatest basketball players in history. 

The theme of this passage is:

A) It's better to do things right the first time

B) Persistence pays off; never give up.

C) Money does not buy happiness.

D) Respect others in all that you do.



Stray cats ____________ that they find in the neighborhood.

A) eat the only food

B) only eat the food

C) eat the food only

D) eat only the food



The nutrition label on a food product is easy to find and read however, understanding the label can be challenging.

A semicolon could be placed after _________ to correctly complete the sentence



Stanley tried to determine the meaning of the vocabulary word, but there were so few clues in the sentence all he could do was hopelessly conjecture as to what the word might mean. 

Conjecture means :

A) guess

B) think

C) confuse

D) anger



This word describes over-the-top exaggeration by the writer.

What is hyperbole?
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