C. Diff
Hand Hygiene

If a patient is admitted with an existing central line, or HD catheter what must be done on admission?

Change the dressing


What is the best way to prevent a CAUTI? 

Remove foley catheters when unnecessary. 


What type of hand hygiene is required after caring for a patient with C.diff?

Soap and water; hand sanitizer does not kill C.diff spores. 


What does MRSA stand for? 

Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus


What types of staff should be observed for hand hygiene practices?



How long do you need to scrub the hub with alcohol?

15 second scrub and 15 second dry


What should be documented on the foley bag when it is inserted?

Date and time inserted


Is it okay to go into a c diff room and not wear PPE if you are not going to touch the patient?

No, there are spores in the air and can land on your uniform and be spread to the next patient 


Why is it important for the hospital to screen patients for MRSA upon admission?

To prevent MRSA bacteremia, and further spread


What application is used to submit hand hygiene observations?

Hand watch app


How many days can a central line dressing go before it has to be changed? 

7 days


What should be done if a patient has a foley and is incontinent of stool?

Place a barrier between the foley and the stool source


If a patient has liquid stools on admission, do they need to meet all the requirements of the ticket to test for a specimen to be sent to lab?

The only requirement is that they have a liquid stool, the lab equipment cannot test  formed stool.


Are dialysis patients more or less proned to be colonized and infected with MRSA than the regular patients?

More due to having HD catheters, 5-6% more prevalent.


When should hand hygiene be performed?

Before touching a patient, before a procedure, after touching a patient, after a procedure of body fluid exposure risk, after touching a patient's surroundings. 


How many hours can a regular IV tubing go before it has to be changed 96 hours

72 hours 

  1. What is the time frame that an existing foley must be replaced before obtaining a culture?
  1. 72 hours

What timeframe would a positive C.diff result be considered community acquired/ present on admission?

The first 3 hospital days


What is the difference in the type of isolation for a patient that has an active MRSA infection (such as wound) vs. a nasal colonization?

Active infection requires full contact precautions (gown in gloves when inside the room doing anything) and nasal colonization requires Modified Contact (only wearing gown/gloves while doing patient care).


Is it suitable to wear gloves instead of performing hand hygiene? 

No, gloves may have micro perforations in them which can contaminate your hands


If a patient gets a CLABSI with a skin contaminate, name a possible source of contamination?

  • Not scrubbing the hub for     FULL 15 seconds and allowing a FULL 15 second dry time. 
  • Lack of hand hygiene 
  • Lack of Q-shift CHG bathing

For patients with urinary retention, how often should a bladder scan and straight cath be done before considering replacing the foley?

Every 4-6 hours for 48 hours


Is it okay for a patient with c diff to have visitors that do NOT wear PPE, go to other areas of the hospital?

No because the visitors can spread the c diff spores throughout the hospital.  They must wear PPE in the room and wash their hands with soap and water prior to leaving the patient's room.


Name the 4 high risk of the MRSA high risk criteria that would flag a patient to be screened with a nasal swab for MRSA.

  • Admitted from another     facility, nursing home, rehab, prison, or other group setting
  •  Positive history
  •  Admitted for joint     replacement, open spine, or open heart surgery
  •  Patient is on dialysis

Name at least one possible source of contamination that a patient may get an infection from?

  • Uncovered linen
  •  Hands
  • Contaminated equipment/ dirty     equipment that has not been cleaned properly
  • Artificial nails, or nails longer than 1/4 inch
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