Coping Skills: Act it out
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Conversation starters and enders
Adaptive Coping Skills
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Act out this behavior: counting to ten before telling someone you are angry because of something they did



Someone in front of you in class is chewing gum. This is not allowed at school because it can make a mess and get on your shoes. What do you do?

You should probably do nothing and try to ignore this. While a rule is being broken this is not dangerous or hurtful to another. Let the teacher deal with it.


You have a new student in your class. You overhead him say In a conversation with someone else that he's really into something you are also interested in. How can you start a conversation with him?

Introduce yourself. Ask their name, and then mention that you overheard that they like what you like as well. begin asking questions and making comments about the subject


What can you do when you're feeling overwhelmed?

Ask for help count to ten, ask to take a break, squeeze a stress ball. identify the emotions you are feeling. Sad, frustrated etc. 

What are some other things you can do?


you're talking about something with a friend and they keep looking at other things and don't seem time paying attention. Should you keep talking?

They dont seem to be paying attention, stop the conversation


Act out this behavior: square breathing

Breathe in for a four count, hold for a four count, let out for a four count and do this four times. 


Everyone in the class is supposed to take only one piece of candy at the class party. Someone takes two. What do you do?

If there will still be enough candy for everyone to get one piece, it is probably a good idea to ignore this and let the teacher deal with it. 


role play: you're feeling embarrassed that you got the answer wrong in class. What can you do?

take a deep breath, say to yourself its okay to get it wrong; I am learning. I can get it right next time. 

squeeze a stress ball, do a breathing exercise


Name some adaptive coping skills

talking to someone you trust, journaling how you're feeling, deep breathing, drawing or coloring, meditating, positive self talk, yoga


what can you do if your friend is mad at you for something you did?

apologize, say sorry 


You're feeling really overwhelmed. Act out what you can do

deep breathing, ask for a break, squeeze a stress ball, use a weighted blanket, listen to some music 


name a good way and a bad way to handle this scenario:

You are playing a game with friends and you really want to win. You cheat and a friend calls you out. What is a good way and a bad way to handle this?

Good: You're right, im sorry. I really wanted to win but thats not the right way to go about it.

Bad: I dont know what you're talking about. I didn't cheat. You're a liar.


role play: invite a friend to see a movie or hangout with you

Hi do you want to go see a movie this weekend? or Do you want to come over and hang out at my house?


true or false: holding in our emotions makes them easier to deal with.

False; when we learn to cope with big feelings in a healthy way we feel better in the moment and feel more in control.


The teacher asked you a question in class, but you dont know the answer. How do you feel? What do you do?

Embarrassed, Confused

ask for help


act out this behavior:

positive self talk

I am ....





You're really mad at your teacher for something. What is the good way and the bad way to handle it?

good way: take a deep breath, maybe talk to the teacher after class when you've had time to calm down. Use "I" statements

bad way: interrupt the class, start yelling at the teacher saying they are wrong and causing a disruption

role play: your topic of conversation is favorite movies.

with a partner ask questions and make comments to gain information about favorite movies


what is your favorite movie?

I like that movie too.

My favorite movie is... 

do you like the original or the remake better?


what can you do if you're feeling angry and don't know how to calm yourself down

Take a sensory break, square breathe


when talking one-on-one with someone, appropriate eye- contact is expected nonverbal conversation True or false?



act this out:

you're in the grocery store and get really upset about something. What can you do?

Bubble breathing

clench your fists

ask for help to calm down 


Your friend is moving and you feel really sad. What can you do?

Use some of your coping skills

make a plan to video call them and plan visits if possible. 


You are frustrated with your sibling and they are not listening to what you are trying to explain to them. What do you do?

Use your I feel statements. Get your message across and if they don't listen take a breath and let it go. 


true or false:

big emotions that make us feel icky inside last forever



what you do with your face and body can indicated whether you're showing interest in what someone's saying. true or false?