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When playing a disclosure what must you do before entering the disclosure code?

Conference customer into call to ensure they hear the entire disclosure 


When must caller be verified?

Before disclosing any account information or giving permission to another party to speak on their behalf


If a customer closes a IRA CD early is there an early withdrawal penalty or is this fee only on regular CD's? If there is a penalty where can you find the amount?

There is a penalty if the CD is not in the 10 day grace period.


Personal Deposit Account Agreement


What steps must be taken to release a hold over $500?

Advise the Customer that the merchant must send a fax to (856) 533-1138.

The fax must include:

  • Merchant’s letterhead authorizing TD Bank to remove the hold
  • Customer’s full card number, name, amount, and exact date of authorization

To remove Savings ODP does our customer needs to visit a branch?


Add a Service Message (SM) in Ovation.

  1. Select Service Message.
  2. Select Add.
  3. Select Cancel Savings Overdraft Protection.
  4. Enter SM for Savings Overdraft Protection.
    1. Enter Customer's name.
    2. Enter Account number.

Before accepting the transfer indicatior what must you do?

Confirm customers name


What do you do if customer fails Failsafe?

Launch Manual authentication by clicking the 'close' button on the bottom right of Failsafe. A pop up will appear giving you the option to do Manual or refer the customer to store.


Customer activated her US debit card today. She's OPL linked, trying to do US to Canada transfer and it's telling her she doesn't have an active account. What would you tell the customer?

Wait for overnight processing and OPL should be active


If the Customer does not request a renewal within the 10-day grace period what happens?

The Customer will automatically renew into the same term at the non-promotional rate if the Customer is currently in a TD Choice Promotional CD.


If you see the below charges on an account where should for more information?

11/09        800.00 DB 11/07/2023

11/14         414.78 DB 11/10/2023

Monetary report


What was left out????

Today's Date is November 21st 2023

Transfer Amount is  $6,000.00

Total to Recipient is $6,000.00 US Dollars

  • Transfer Amount is  $6,000.00 USD

When a CBB call is transferred to us, and the calling number reflects 8887519000 Ovation does not recognize if this is a Canadian customer.  What steps should you take before proceeding with manual authentication?  

Verify customer is a Canadian customer to proceed with manual auth. (Canadian address, no SSN in RMAB, Canadian phone number)


When does the grace period on a CD start and end?

Date of maturity, 10 days

Example: Maturity date is 11/9/23. Grace period ends 11/18/23.


When a CBB customer would like to close their account what steps should you take after sending a wire to bring the account to a zero balance?

Read disclosure in CC Web and send the following template to

Customer Name:

Account Number:

CBB Wire amount to close: $

Customer has been read and accepts the disclosure to close account.


What steps should you take if there is not a last valid transaction last showing in CRL when creating a dispute?

Add a manual last valid transaction they will do .01 and select any date


To receive and retain electronic Communications from TD Bank, you must have the following operating systems and internet browsers supported:

Operating Systems Include

  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (except touch-screen devices)
  • Mac OS X

What is the OPL compliance finding?

Added Include after operating systems. Disclosure must be read verbatim


What steps in red flag review must be completed before completing Final Authentication?

  • Review SM History 
  • Review authentication fails captured by the Ovation history log 
  • Review service history to determine if multiple calls have been made on the profile recently and if it appears to be out of the Customer's normal behavior.
  • Recent debit card orders and address or phone number changes may be red flags.

*Depending on situation review OLB sign on history


Susan Smith has a joint account with Mark Smith. Susan passed away and Lyra Smith is the executor of her estate. What documentation does Lyra need to close the account?

Lyra cannot close the account because it is a joint account.


When referring a customer located in FL to store what step should you take?

Send a message via Launchpad


John Smith Trust

Susan Long Trustee

John smith is alive. 

Who has to be present at account opening?

Susan Long


What is the compliance finding?

The beneficiary bank is 175 Smith St

If a generic Beneficiary's Bank address is not listed:

  • The complete address (street address, city, province, postal code, and country) needs to be verified.

What steps should you take if a call is escalated to WOW due to failing Failsafe but passing Manual Authentication and the customer would like to complete a high risk activity?

Assess your customer's situation. If there are no red flags, WOW! is still empowered to assist with high risk activity using Final Authentication or ID proofing if available. If needed seek RO or Leadership assistance.


Product: TD Beyond Checking 

Non-TD ATM fees were not refunded. What is likely the cause?

Minimum daily balance not met ($2,500)


Beginning 11/8 through 11/27 Small Business customers can now use ___ through their Mobile App?


Reminder:Savings Accounts are not eligible 


What is the fix for "No Data Available" error in CRL when attempting to open a claim?

If you receive this error attempting to open a claim in CRL, this means the customer RM # is incorrect in CMSE. You will need to pull the card in CMSE and under Card Holder Information, select update, and place the correct customer RM # from Ovation. Once this is updated, you will be able to file a claim immediately with no errors.

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