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On the Big Screen
You are what you eat
Origin Story

Frank might have spend more time in this game than talking to Selena. The exact number is unclear, but fortunately Frank has quit the game by the time he started dating Selena.

The World of Warcraft


Frank used to watch this anime on YTV, but he never understood what the letter Z stands for nor why they keep wasting wishes to bring the little bald guy back to life.

Dragon Ball Z


After watching which recent movie at a 8pm showing with his coworkers, Frank was so psyched, he could not fall asleep afterwards. You can say the movie was the bomb.



This favorite food item of Frank's is sold at Frank's first ever paying job. However, Frank took a long break from this food item, after eating a whole bucket of it for a week straight.

Fried Chicken


Frank picked his own English name, after he saw it in this book.

The Dictionary


Which game caused Frank to rage quite, uninstall, and reflect on why he play video games in the first place. He has not played a single game from this popular franchise since.

Dark Souls


This is the first Gundam anime Frank has watched. Frank still consider this to be the best of the genre.

Gundam Wing


Frank watched this three and half hour long movie in the front row of the theater, and resulting neck pain for two days. But it is still one of the best movie he has ever watched, still remain on his top 10 list till this day.

The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King


What is Frank's favorite breakfast item. It is very popular among the residence of Beijing, and it was only sold for 1.5 yuan when Frank was a child.

Chinese Crepe / Jian Bing


Frank's grandfather named him "Chi", in the hope of what?

a fast runner

One of Frank's favorite in Secondary School. In this coop platform shooter, you fight off waves of aliens, zombies, mummies and middle eastern dictator.

Metal Slug


This anime feed into Frank's love for anything to do with time travel. The code word is "el psy kongroo"

Steins Gate


This movie is consider by Frank as the worst movie he has paid money to watch. Largely due to his love for this franchise, and how bad the movie actually is.

Avatar the last airbender


Despite Selena's frequent protest due to health concerns, Frank still enjoy this food item due to it is easy to make, deliciousness and great in a cold winter night.

Instant Noodle

At one party, Frank drunkenly declared himself King, after having which South American beverage?



In which game, Frank would command armies of trees fighting off undead pirates only to find his ally holy grail knights got eaten by a bunch dinosaurs. The game unusually ends with the rats nuking the capital city of Ukraine, and the Great Wall of China finally breached by the darks gods.

Total War: Warhammer 1,2,3


Frank once wore the iconic shirt from which anime to an anime convention. On the shirt it reads/translate " I love humanity"

No game no life


Frank listed this movie as the most over rated film he has watched. The film starts off when the protagonist found bags of cashes in the aftermath of a Mexican standoff.

No country for old men


Frank hate this type of candy, and simply refuse to eat any.

liquorice candy


Frank took Selena to watch which musical on their first official date. Where Selena surprised Frank by bringing cash to pay back the ticket.

The Lion King


Another game Frank would play hours at his friend's place afterschool. Where the players each pick a team of characters to duke it out. Frank's favorite character is a Chinese fighter who can eat a meat bun to recover health.

King of Fighters 2000


On Frank's top 10 list of favorite anime. This anime has a very unique visual style, which might cause some viewers dizziness. It is also an adaptation of a novel about love, betrayal and revenge.

Gankutsuou / Count of Monte Cristo


One of Frank's all time favorite, in which 2006 film where the protagonist is trying to escort a pregnant lady to a boat.

Children of Men


Frank's grandpa used to cook this food/dish for Frank in the hopes of it will make him smarter.

Fish Head soup

Sinank is a name Frank use for games, web login and other username related stuff. It is actually a combination of two names, the later half being Frank, what is the first half?


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