job skills
everyday life

why is it a bad idea to go 100MPH in a car?

-it's dangerous and can cause an accident

-someone can get really hurt

-it's illegal and you'll get a ticket


why is it a bad idea to be rude to a customer?

-they might not return to the store

-the store will lose money if they don't return

-your boss won't be happy with you

-the customer could tell others not to go


The man ate raw fish and missed work the next day. Why do we think that is?

-he didn't feel well

-he was sick

-he had food poisoning 


who is someone we can call if we're ever in danger or don't feel safe?





school starts at 730, but the girl woke up at 710 and lives far away. What can we predict?

-she'll be late


The husband and wife just purchased their dream car. How do you think they feel and why?

-happy, great, excited, accomplished

-because it was their dream car and they've been working hard for it


a customer walked into a store with $200 dollars in his hand. what do we think will happen next?

-they will buy something

-they will buy something expensive

-they are ready to spend a lot of money


A woman found a piece of hair in her food while eating in a restaurant. She looked disgusted and called the waiter over. What do you think will happen next?

-she'll tell him about the hair

-she's going to complain

-she's going to want something done (free food/new meal)


The boy spent his lunch money on a game instead of lunch. How do we think he feels?





The class had a project but no one understood the directions and no one asked. How did the project go?

-probably bad since no one understood the instructions and no one asked for help


Someone was driving by the mall and saw an accident happen. They called the police to tell them. What do you think will happen next?

-cops and ambulances will show up to the accident

-they might block off roads


What could you do if the internet went down while at work, but you needed it to do your job?

-tell your boss

-try to troubleshoot the problem...what does troubleshoot mean?

-inform the customer there is no internet at the moment


Every time someone offered the man peanuts, he said no. He also refused to ever be around them in the same room. What could we infer?

-the man is allergic to peanuts


The man's friend has been ignoring him for over a month now for no reason. How do you think he feels?






why do you think tires and brakes need to be replaced over time?

-they wear down

-they break


The woman showed up to the job interview 20 minutes late wearing a beach outfit. Why didn't she get the job?

-she was unprofessional

-she was late and didn't dress appropriately


The man put the pizza in his mouth the second it came out of the oven. What can we predict will happen?

-he'll burn his mouth

-the pizza will be really hot


The woman was supposed to get up at 6am for work. But the night before, she saw on the forecast heavy snow from 5am-2pm. What can we predict?

-there won't be work

-there will be a delay


it was snowing and the man was lost while driving his car. Why do you think his wife didn't hear from him in a while?

-he was focused on driving safely from the snow

-he was trying to find his way since he was lost

-he was driving in bad conditions and didn't want to use his phone


why might people not get hired for a job after an interview?

-didn't have the skills they wanted

-had a bad interview


The wife had a long day at work and asked her husband to have dinner ready when she got home. When she got home, it wasn't ready. How does she feel and why?




-it was a long day and she wanted some help, which she didn't get


It was a rainy day in the morning and the man had to be up early to drive further than usual. He was more tired than usual that day too. Why do we think that is?

-he had to get up earlier

-he had to drive further than usual

-he got home later than usual

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