Antivirus software, techniques
Cyberwarfare attacks, cyber weapn
Social engineering, state of the issue
Methods of social engineering
Protection techniques against phishing, vishing, smishing

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What are some examples of cyberattacks related to the conduct of cyber warfare?


Examples of cyberwarfare attacks include espionage, sabotage, denial-of-service attacks, and disruption attacks


Why are humans often considered the weakest link in the security chain?

Humans are considered the weakest link in the security chain due to their susceptibility to trusting false scenarios or individuals.


What are the common methods of social engineering used in attacks on information systems?

Common methods in social engineering attacks include phishing, vishing, smishing, baiting, and spear phishing.


What are some protection techniques against phishing attacks?

Protection techniques against phishing attacks include being cautious about all communications, not responding to suspicious emails, and deleting them.


What is antivirus software used for?

Antivirus software is used to detect, prevent, and remove malicious software from computers.


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What measures can be taken to prevent falling victim to smishing attacks?

Measures to prevent falling victim to smishing attacks include being cautious of text messages, not sharing confidential information, and avoiding downloading suspicious apps.


Techniques that detect malware by analysing the characteristics and behaviour of suspicious files

Heuristic [hjʊˈrɪs.tɪk] analyses


How are cyber weapons classified based on parameters?

Cyber weapons can be classified based on their intended impact, such as physical, functional, or mental harm to targets


What are the main methods of social engineering

The main methods of social engineering include phishing, vishing, smishing, baiting, spear phishing, and tailgating


How does phishing differ from vishing?

Phishing involves deceptive emails, while vishing uses voice calls to deceive victims.


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Name two common techniques used by antivirus software

Two common techniques used by antivirus software are signature-based detection and heuristic analysis.


What makes cyber weapons attractive to cybercriminals?

Cyber weapons are attractive because of their ability to cause damage remotely and disable critical systems without physical presence.


What is social engineering in the context of IT security?

Social engineering in IT security involves exploiting human psychology to gain unauthorized access to information.


How does the "baiting" attack work in social engineering?

The "baiting" attack lures victims with promises of gain to extract information or perform specific tasks.


How can users identify red flags in phishing emails?

Users can identify red flags in phishing emails by looking for spelling errors, suspicious links, and requests for personal information.


How does signature-based detection work in antivirus software?

Signature-based detection works by comparing files on a system to a database of known malware signatures.


Discuss the economic impact of cyber weapons.

Cyber weapons often target economic spheres, striking critical infrastructure and vital systems of countries, leading to financial losses and disruptions in economic activities.


How do cybercriminals exploit human vulnerabilities in social engineering attacks?

Cybercriminals exploit human vulnerabilities such as fear, curiosity, greed, gullibility, and urgency in social engineering attacks.


Which emotions or personality traits are often exploited in social engineering attacks?

Emotions such as fear, greed, urgency, gullibility, and helpfulness are exploited in social engineering attacks.


What are some ways to safeguard against social engineering tactics like baiting?

Precautions against social engineering tactics such as bullying include being careful about offers that seem too good to be true, checking requests for confidential information, rejecting unwanted offers, and using special programs such as caller ID and antiviruses.