Problem Solving
Social Thinking
Super Students

True or False? There are five Zones of Regulation.

False. There are four Zones: Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red.


What's the difference between tattling and telling?

Tattling is when you have a small problem and you are trying to get someone else in trouble.

Telling is when you have a bigger problem and you need an adult's help to solve or fix it.


Social thinkers think about what other people are ____________ and how other people are ____________.

Social thinkers think about what other people are THINKING and how other people are FEELING. In other words, social thinkers think about the THOUGHTS and FEELINGS of others.


Name 5 things that Super Students do!

-Listen and follow directions the first time
-Use their time wisely
-Ignore distractions
-Try their best
-Have a positive attitude
-Stay neat and organized
-Read at night
-At school every day on time


Give an example of a time/place when Yellow Zone behavior is expected and a time/place when it is unexpected.

Expected: Recess - running around, excited, silly, loud, lots of energy

Unexpected: In the classroom, during whole group or independent work time


What is an I Statement or an I Message? Give an example of an I Statement you could use if your friend has been spending a lot of time with another classmate lately and not including you.

I feel ________

when you ________.

Could you please ________?


What strategies can you use to defeat DOF, the Destroyer of Fun?

-Play by the rules
-Share and take turns
-Remember that people want to play with others who are encouraging and show good sportsmanship
-Use self-talk: "It's okay to lose, I still had fun!"
-Say, "Good game"
-Take deep breaths


Super Students are excellent listeners. How do they show they are listening?

Whole Body Listening


Can you name at least 10 feelings?


What would you do if a classmate tells you that you cannot play a game because it is full. 

-Go to another game/Find another friend
-Talk it out/Tell them how you feel
-Wait and cool off


Superflex taught us about healthy ways to cope with feeling angry. We called these tools coping skills. Name 5 coping skills you could use if you feel angry at school or home.

-Deep breathing
-Fidgets or stress toys
-Listen to music
-Go outside
-Talk to a friend/family member
-Spend some time alone
-Play a game
-Use positive self-talk 


What is self-talk? What is an example of a self-talk statement you could use to ignore distractions?

Self-talk is something you say to yourself (in your head), to keep you on track and thinking positively. You could say, "Oops, I am distracted. I will keep working" or "Just ignore him/her. Stay focused on your work."


True or False? Anger is a bad emotion to feel.

False! All feelings are okay and it is normal to feel angry sometimes. What we do with our anger (how we handle it), is the most important thing.


We talked about using Kelso's Choices for solving small problems on your own. Can you name at least 7 of Kelso's Choices?


Can you name and describe the four Unthinkables that we learned about this year?

-Rock Brain

-Mean Jean




Super Students use their time wisely. Name 3 things that are a waste of time that you should not do during instruction or work time.

-Sit and do nothing
-Stare out the window
-Play with things
-Walk around the room
-Sharpen your pencil

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