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Many Americans love to eat hamburgers. Fast food places have burgers of all sizes. Burger King has the Whopper. Wendy’s has the Classic Triple. The largest burgers are not just at fast food diners. Restaurants have now joined the challenge to make the biggest burgers. Last week, the Bear Barrel Belly Buster burger was made. A restaurant made the Belly Buster. Before this, the biggest burger weighed about 12 pounds. The Belly Buster weighs 15 pounds! That is more than your backpack weighs! What goes into such a big burger? The Belly Buster has 10.5 pounds of ground beef. It has 25 cheese slices. It uses two onions and three tomatoes. It uses a whole head of lettuce. It also has one and a half cups of ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, relish, and peppers. It takes two hands just to lift the burger. That is without the sauces! Most people need forks, knives, and bibs to eat it. No one has been able to eat the whole thing. People are still trying to create an even bigger burger! 1.What is this passage mostly about?

 A. People eat really big burgers with forks and knives. 

B. Restaurants are trying to make bigger hamburgers.

C. The Belly Buster burger uses a head of lettuce.

 D. Fast food places have the biggest hamburgers.

Restaurants are trying to make bigger hamburgers.

I have a head and a tail. My favorite number is one. I am made of copper. I am lucky if you pick me up. What am I?

A. four leaf clover
B. leaf
C. penny
D. dime



He fought to regain use of his legs, particularly through swimming.

Which word does re- mean the same thing as in regain?

Reading, Receive, Rectangle, Reappoint 



Why do authors include text features to a piece of writing?

To help the reader better understand what they are reading.


Because Nico was hungry for something sweet, he walked into the kitchen. He saw the chocolate cake. So, he decided to eat some cake. Nico ate ten pieces of cake, so he got sick.

What caused Nico to get sick? 

A. Nico ate ten pieces of cake.

B. Nico was hungry for something sweet. 

C. Nico decided to eat cake. 

D. Nico loves chocolate cake. E. Nico saw the chocolate cake.  

A. Nico ate ten pieces of cake.


Animals have many ways to deal with cold weather. Humans use heaters in the homesand wear jackets. Birds fly south to find warmer winter weather. Some animals dig in and wait for spring. To protect themselves, they go into a kind of sleep. That sleep is called hibernation. It keeps the animals from starving in the winter. One animal that hibernates is the bear. During the winter, the bear goes into a cave to sleep. While it sleeps, the bear’s breathing and heartbeat slow down. This lets the bear save energy. The bear can go without food for the whole hibernation. The bear does not grow during hibernation. When spring comes, the bear wakes up and goes on with its normal life.

 This passage is mostly about 

A. why animals need to keep warm in the winter. 

B. how the weather changes throughout the year. 

C. why birds fly south to find warmer weather. 

D. how some animals hibernate during the winter.

how some animals hibernate during the winter.


Max was baking some cookies, but then he got an important phone call. He returned a few minutes later to a smoke filled kitchen. What can you infer?

A. The oven has turned off.
B. Max forgot about the cookies and they are burning.
C. A candle was blown out in the kitchen.
D. The cookies are cooling on the baking pan.

 Max forgot about the cookies and they are burning.


What is an antonym for the term agony?

Anguish, Comfort, Security or Grief?



Roosevelt went on to become one of the most admired and respected presidents of all time.

Fact or Opinion?



Mrs. Trapp went to the dentist because she had a toothache. While the dentist was looking at her teeth, he saw that she had a cavity. So, the dentist told Mrs. Trapp she would need a filling. Because she didn’t want it to get worse, Mrs. Trapp asked the dentist to fill the cavity.

What happened because the dentist saw a cavity? 

A. Mrs. Trapp went to the dentist. 

B. The dentist was looking at her teeth. 

C. Mrs. Trapp had a toothache. 

D. The dentist told Mrs. Trapp she would need a filling.

D. The dentist told Mrs. Trapp she would need a filling.


How much television do you watch a week? Maybe you watch five hours a week. Maybe you watch five a day. That is over 30 hours of TV a week! What would your life be like without TV? One organization wants you to find out! In 1995, TV Turnoff Network started an event. It is called TV Turnoff Week. The goal is to get people off of their couches. People can use that week to get active. They can draw, ride a bike, or play a game. TV Turnoff Week usually happens the last week in April. When the event started, only a few thousand people were involved. Last year, over 7.6 million people joined. The group asks people to “Turn off TV, and turn on life.” The TV Turnoff Network started this event because of kids. Kids spend more time watching TV than they do at school. Watching too much TV leads to bad health. People who watch too much TV do not eat well and do not exercise as much. So turn off your TV for a week. You never know what might happen! 

What is this article mainly about?

 A. TV Turnoff Week is an event that happens the last week of April. 

B. TV Turnoff Week wants people to be active instead of watch TV.

C. People who watch TV eat more junk food than people who don’t. 

D. Kids in the U.S. watch sometimes up to five hours of TV a day.

TV Turnoff Week wants people to be active instead of watch TV.


They weren’t on the hook by the phone and they weren’t in her purse. Alison checked the pockets of the jacket she’d worn the day before, but they weren’t there either. She looked at her watch and realized she would be late for work if she didn’t leave soon..

What is Alison looking for?

A. Her Keys
B. Her Car
C. Her Cat
D. Her Smoothie



Name an antonym for the word barricade.



The table of contents is intended to do what?

List major sections or parts of a text with page numbers to help readers know where to find what they are looking for. 


Have you ever thought about what makes a volcano erupt or what happens afterward? When the temperature rises deep under the Earth’s crust, it becomes hot enough to melt rock and turn it into magma. Sometimes this melted rock blasts through the Earth’s surface, which causes rock, ash, and deadly gases to fly into the air. The lava that flows out of the volcano can knock down trees and destroy houses and even whole towns. Although volcanoes can cause lots of destruction, the volcano’s eruption also creates new land. Many times this new land forms an island in the ocean. You might even live on land created by a volcano! 

What happens because melted rock blasts through the Earth’s surface? 

A. The temperature rises under the Earth’s crust 

B. Rock, ash, and deadly gases fly into the air.

C. Volcano eruptions create new land

D. New land forms an island in the ocean  

B. Rock, ash, and deadly gases fly into the air.


Last Saturday, Troy Driscoll, 15, and best friend Josh Long, 17, were found. The teenagers had spent six days lost at sea. They were seven miles off Cape Fear, North Carolina. It was over 100 miles from their starting point of Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina. The boys left in their 14-foot sailboat on April 24. They ignored a warning by the National Weather Service. Right away, they realized they were in trouble. They tried to swim to shore, but the wind and strong currents swept them even farther out to sea. On the second day, they lost their fishing gear. They were not able to catch any fish. They drank sea water because they were without fresh water. A few times, the boys slipped into the ocean to cool off. They were scared back onto the boat by sharks. At night, the boys shared a single wet-suit. It kept them warm in the cooler temperatures. The boys had lost hope. Larger boats passed them, unable to see them waving. Last Saturday, they were finally spotted by men on a fishing boat. The teens were taken to a hospital. They were thirsty, hungry, and exhausted. They had bad sunburns, but they would be okay. Luckily, they were in good shape.

This passage is mainly about

A. how two boys were going to be okay after sailing. B. how two boys had to survive at sea for six days. C. how two boys kept warm by sharing a wetsuit.  

how two boys had to survive at sea for six days

Joe was very tired when he got home from school. He decided to take a nap. When he woke up the sun was shining. He could hear roosters crowing and smelled bacon cooking in the kitchen. He walked slowly into the kitchen and asked his mother, "What time is it?"
What time did he wake up?

A. Noon
B. Midnight
C. 7:00 in the morning
D. 7:00 in the evening

C. 7:00 in the morning

Find a synonym to the following text.

He glanced at his mother, the one responsible for adherence to the rules, and was relieved that she was smiling.

Determination, completion, obedience, submission



Franklin D. Roosevelt got polio in 1921, and it left him paralyzed from his waist down.

Fact or opinion?



Last weekend my friend Carina slept over. We stayed up very late playing games and listening to music. My mom came into my room to tell us we had to go to sleep. It was dark, so Carina and I took my dad’s flashlight and played under the covers. I’m not sure when we finally fell asleep, but we left the flashlight on. Yesterday, there was a big thunderstorm and we lost our electricity. Dad went to get his flashlight so we could see, but it didn’t work. He wasn’t very happy when he found out that I had left it on all night and wasted the batteries. So, now I have to rake up all of the leaves that blew around from the storm! 

What caused the flashlight batteries to die? 

A. They lost their electricity. 

B. Carina slept over.

C. The girls had left it on all night.

D. There was a big thunderstorm.  

 C. The girls had left it on all night.


Hurricanes are large, intense storms that begin over the ocean, where they gather heat and energy from the water. Hurricanes move slowly toward land, usually moving 10-20 miles per hour for more than one week. The most dangerous part of the hurricane is the storm surge, when it reaches land and causes flooding. Wind and waves also contribute to the damage caused by these surges. 

What is the main idea of this passage? 

a. Hurricanes form over the ocean 

b. Hurricanes are dangerous storms 

c. Storm surges are caused by hurricanes  

Hurricanes are dangerous storms


Louis Pasteur, the great French scientist, was the first to prove that germs exist. The germs in the air can be counted. The number of germs around us, especially in crowded rooms is tremendous. Certain scientists counted 42,000 germs in approximately one cubic meter of air in a picture gallery when it was empty. But when the gallery was crowded with people, they found nearly 5,000,000 germs in the same place. In the open air germs are lest abundant. There are fewer germs in country air than in town air. (3)We see at once how important therefore it is, therefore, to live as much as possible in the open air and for the rooms we live in always will be ventilated by fresh air. 4. According to the passage, what place would you MOST LIKELY find more germs?

A. In crowded spaces

B. In hospitals 

C. In the country 

D. In empty rooms

In crowded spaces


Which root word means field?

Agri or Soli



Variances in text alert the reader to important information. What types of text can authors use?

Bold, color, italics


It was a windy day so Angel flew his kite

A. Cause 

B. Effect