Angry Monster
Angry & Calm Animals
Thoughts that fuel anger
Explosive or positive thinking
Anger Compass and Anger shield

Two body parts that may feel hot when angry 

What is Face or Hands or Neck 


Name one animal that represents anger and one that represents calmness   

What is aggressive animals like lion, tiger, bear, alligator and calm animals such as butterflies, fish, etc.   


Of the following, which is NOT a thought that fuels anger: 

Name calling, Blaming, Revenge, Look Tough, I am better than you, Everyone's against me, Being open to others ideas, and Making a big deal.

What is "being open to others ideas"

Being demanding is what type of thinking? 



Will this thought make your anger compass go up or down? 

"I will never be able to pass"

What is "up"


The color someone's face or hands may turn when angry 

What is red, pink, white 

Sharing with others, being a great problem solver, and being open-minded are traits of this type of animal 

What is calm animal


Being accountable for your actions is the way to put out a fire started by this type of thinking 

What is "blaming"

Holding yourself accountable is what type of thinking

What is peaceful

My anger compass will go in which direction when I use this statement

"I am trying my best" 

What is "down"

3 changes in your mind and body that may indicate anger 
What is unable to think clearly, fast breathing, facing heart, upset stomach, clenched fist, mad face, bulging eyes or stomping feet 

Being protective, getting loud when threatened, and often in verbal arguments represents which type of animal 

What is angry animal 


Doing this instead of thinking "everyone's against me" can put out that anger fire 

What is think about what others are doing and how they may be feeling or how what you're doing may look to others (even if you're not doing anything wrong) 

Of the following, this is not an example of explosive thinking 

Demanding, Compromise, Magnifying, Making Excuses 

What is compromise


After thinking "I'll never pass", I can say ______ to  change the direction of my anger compass. 

What is "I will do better next time" or "I will do better if I keep trying" 


Name 3 people that may make you angry 

What is your mom, dad, siblings, teacher, counselor, friends, cousins, aunts, uncles, strangers 

Being alone often, looking down on others, and  watching others with judgement represents which type of animal 

What is angry animal 

You put out a fire started by name calling by doing the following 

What is apologizing, using kind words, or giving someone a compliment 


This statement is what type of thinking: demanding, magnifying, making excuses, or negative outlook 

"I could not get my homework done because my family was watching tv"

What is making excuses 

I can use the calming strategies on my anger shield when I 

a) notice the signs in my body, b) notice explosive thoughts, c) all of the above 

What is all of the above 

Name 3 places at school where you may get angry often 

What is the classroom, cafeteria, outside at recess 


3 traits of a calm animal

What is open to others ideas, shares with others, positive leader, great problem solver, friendly, accepting of others differences, helps others, forgives others, respectful, adapts to their environment, accepts responsibility for their actions, etc. 


Name one type of thought that may fuel anger 

Hint: the categories were on the handout with the picture of the fire 

What is name calling, blaming, judgmental (i.e. I am better than you), looking tough, everything is against me, making a big deal, only one point of view 


"I am sorry for talking during the lesson, next time I will be respectful" 

This statement is what type of peaceful thinking: compromise, look for the positive, think rationally, or be accountable 

What is "be accountable"


Name 3 calming strategies on your anger shield 

What is count to 10, listen to music, deep breaths, think happy thoughts, exercise, drink water, go for a walk, squeeze stress ball